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I am so excited and happy to announce a new line of patterns by Isabelle Rollin. I am offering the mini punch needle patterns and Isabelle is offering the rughooking patterns. You can contact her directly at The patterns are based on her lovely ornaments(and I do believe these and more are in stock and available for purchase as well). Wouldn’t it be fun to punch and hook one (or more) of these lovely pieces and at the same time get the ornament! My next punch needle piece will probably be one of these pieces. I am offering them as patterns but they can also be kitted with threads.

The punch needle patterns will vary in size from 6 x 6 to 6 x 7 or 6 x 8 inches – will post the sizes on my punch needle page…

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  1. Love Isabelle’s designs. So happy you are carrying the patterns for mini punch. Such sweet ornaments.

  2. These are wonderful Loretta. I love her stuff.



  3. Hi Loretta I think my favourite is the little girl with the basket and the cat. Hugs Nancy Hope all is well. You looked amazing at the pop up


  4. So sweet.
    You’re right – they’d be adorable punched or hooked.


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