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And what am I DOING YOU ASK!!! Well, I finished hooking a Christmas stocking for my Gr-iece (great niece or is that grand niece?) – just have to sew it all together…

and decided to punch a piece to fit into the opening of my washboard cabinet. WEEEEELLLLL – measure 5 times cut once!!!! I thought it was the right size – measured and pressed and trimmed off the excess cloth only to find it was a tad to deep andddd unlike hooking where I could remove a row or hook in missing loops after the fact with punching (miniature at least) it needs to be tight in a frame! so what to do – well I had punched 2 rows of border so hmmm take out the top and bottom rows? would that make it fit? Probably – only hmmmm I pulled out very gently the top and bottom row and yikes didn’t I pull out some of my loops in the row next to it! press press press – did it shrink – NOOOOOO – still did not fit – so hmmmm must remove next row (I really could have made my life simpler by attaching it to something else because how was I going to fix those loops I pulled out. Needle and thread I guess!!! and lots of patience). In the end I had to remove the top and bottome second border rows and yeahhhhhhh it fit my cabinet perfectly and you don’t even notice that there is no border on the top and bottom!!! So cabinet was cleaned with Orange Glo wood cleaner and then the box was painted red and then black on top and distressed and waxed and punch needle piece siliconed in et voila – done.

The piece I punched is based on a water colour by artist Rose Ann Hayes of Texas. I messaged Rose Ann on her etsy site asking for permission to use her painting for my punch needle design and she said yes! So here is the lovely painting my piece is based on…

And since I was on a finishing roll – welllll…

My Going Home punch needle (based on the artwork of Isabelle Rollin) is now framed in a wonderful wooden photographic plate holder that dates back to the early 1900’s (scored a few of these at an antique store a few years ago)…

and my Poppy for Dad is finally attached to the WW1 canteen…

My Christmas truck is attached to a vintage bread board that I painted and distressed but I am in the process of attaching a braid made of number 6 cuts to it so will post that and the stocking when I am done. Have company arriving in a few minutes so I usually get lots of work done while they are here.

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  1. Hi

    Lovely pieces Loretta. I like how you find a practical use for them.

    It is nice that artists gave you permission to create their designs in a new media. Boy did I get into trouble this weekend about this same situation.

    I had a customer who wanted to buy an applique pattern but wanted to enlarge and hook it. I don’t usually get these requests. So, I approached the designer and asked if she would give the customer permission to reproduce it in hooked form. I told her I would not do it myself.

    Boy did I get a succinct one-word answer NO.

    Then a longer email followed where she stated she was really offended by my even asking and did I not know copy right laws. She went on to say was this something I did as a practice copying other peoples designs and offering it up as a service I provided. Oh Lord what a mess. In fact, I ended up upset at her allegations. Really, I did not think I did anything wrong by asking permission.. I figured that was what I should do as I appreciated you asking me permission to enlarge my punch needle designs for rug hooking. It is not like I was going to do it myself. I was asking as a liaison between the customer and the designer.

    Just having read your newsletter, I see that it is done and granted. You can ask and it can be a Yes or a No.. right?

    What a lot of drama for nothing!

    Anyway, I am downsizing my inventory. I’m getting older and I need to think about the end date of my little business. Going to concentrate on rug hooking materials and get rid of the applique and punch needle stuff. Things that are more relevant to what I like….

    Thanks for reading – your newsletter came at the right time. I feel I was not out of line to at least ask on behalf of the client. This supplier may have lost a fan as she was so disappointed at not being able to hook the design.

    Hope all is well with you. Are you ready for winter? I’m all set to hibernate and do some dyeing over the winter. I don’t dye in the summer. I bought an electric spinner so that dyeing in the winter is a breeze. It practically dries your wool/fabric and there is no dripping or long waits for it to get dry. Have you got one?

    Ok so I’ve rambled on long enough.

    Take care


  2. All very beautiful pieces Loretta, and so skillfully framed/displayed!
    Well done.

  3. The pieces are lovely. By the way, if you call yourself grand as in a grand aunt, then you may just have a grand niece! But I think you’re great! Have a nice time with your guests. Julie

    Sent from Julie’s & Tom’s Shared Email

  4. Wow!
    Absolutely love the washboard piece.
    They all turned out so grand!
    Thanks so much for sharing…..and talking us through your process from start to finish.

  5. Everything you finished is Wonderful!

  6. Beautiful finishes!!!!!

  7. These are beautiful

  8. The washboard that you finished is such a wonderful idea . I hate to part with anything I make as I started hooking in my late seventies ,you can only think of so many ideas . Enjoying your emails


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