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by the intrepid Andrea who searched and searched and found that this pattern is a Fraser Rug Hooking Pattern and is called Crows in the Corn  #738 @  It is 25 x 41 and is on sale for $55.58 USD. So for everyone who was interested you can now order your patterns!!! have fun and thank you Andrea…


Linda and I have been playing detective today – she is doing much better than I am haha. She saw this rug on Pinterest but there was no attribution or link. She loves this pattern and would like to hook it but we are trying to find the designer/supplier. We do know that this rug was hooked by Sue Raynor and exhibited a few years ago at A Rug Hooking Retrospective@ Bruce County Museum 2014.

If anyone has information on where we can find this pattern we would really appreciate it. It is a wonderful pattern!

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  1. Can’t you contact Sue Raynor?


  2. What a cute Fall pattern!

  3. I love this pattern!

  4. Margaret Chrétien

    Wow I like that .

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  5. Hi Loretta, good luck playing Sherlock .. part of the Hooking adventure..

    Almost done with the poppies.. will be glad to put it to bed..

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  6. Oops new phone… here is /are new steps garden 🪴

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  7. Me again .. and sunset last night
    Any ideas for Hooking maritime bouys?

    X big hugs


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  8. It’s adorable. I will keep my eye out Nancy



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