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Well, these days we are not doing much work outside – just toooooo hot and humid. We do try to do a bit every morning before the heat gets unbearable but the kind of work I have left to do outside just is too energy consuming to do for long. So we will just have to wait till cooler temperatures are back. Or, as Gord says – next year 🙂 .

We did get a contractor in when I realized that lifting all the flagstones (a few hundred) on the lake side was a bit beyond me. It had really gotten lumpy bumpy and overgrown over the years and was messy and unsafe for walking on and just a pain to keep nice looking so contractor came in, dug out alllllll the flagstones and weeds, removed a ton of sand and put in lovely earth and sod! It now looks so nice (Gord keeps threatening to head out to the yard with his putter and golf balls) and I cannot wait till next year when the grass is lovely and thick and not quite so tender! and I can have hookins again on the porch, on the grass, around the fire pit and on the landings down to the dock, and of course on the dock and boat … Will be such fun as it has been a few years since I held a hookin here at the house. Fingers crossed that by next year the pandemic and all the variants will be behind us. A few pix of our new and improved lakeside yard…



So instead of labouring outside, I have been dyeing wool and yarns and putting together patterns for people and having fun in the studio. Plus, for the first time in a long time, I actually had time to go through my “Finished Items for sale” page and update it – I have added a few more pieces discovered in the cupboard, sizes and prices.

I have also been considering holding classes again in the studio – small so that we have lots of room to spread out – once we know what the numbers are doing. I have been double jabbed for months, go nowhere and would ensure all the spaces being used are well sanitized. I am thinking of starting with an introduction to miniature punch needle followed up by a rughooking class perhaps an introduction to designing and hooking primitives or using alternative fibres mixed with wool strips and various hooking techniques to add texture to your rugs. If anything appeals to you please send me an email –

And now, a bit of show and tell:

Diane finished framing her Pig in Posies miniature punch needle in an amazing box she bought in a lovely shop in Almonte…

Rochelle finished punching her Frog and Fishes (one of my Alana Kapell patterns available in rughooking or miniature punch needle…

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  1. Julie McDonald

    Looks beautiful Loretta, can’t wait to see it in person. Julie

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  2. Margaret Williams

    Love your updates!!! The grounds look spectacular well done! And of course so enjoy seeing everyones latest rug hooking efforts!!!🥰👏❤

  3. Looks fabulous Loretta!!!!

    Here I am in Oregon with a 20 year old yard that hasn’t been taken care of in as long, poor soil, hard as a rock, grass like I have never seen, roots go to China and back !!!!! We are working like dogs trying to make some sense of it! Plus we have deer just wandering around Willy nilly on streets, yards, wherever, so everything I am planting I want pretty much deer proof!! Lavender, anything smelly! I just ordered about 50 different allies, iris, frittalaria, and about to get some peonies, also planted some foxglove! We had a new deck put on the back and brand new tall fence, those look really nice. Planting some trees, digging grass, getting stones and hopefully some rock. These old bones get tired! Will send some pic one day


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  4. Loretta – your outside work looks amazing. Well done. I would love to come to a hook in when you are ready. And I’m ready and willing to help with food and set up too.




  5. Wondefull landscape and wonderfill rugs 😍

  6. Lovely yard and fabulous hooking. Denise Doucet M

  7. Landscaping looks beautiful, and it’s too darn hot

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  8. Hi

    Your new and improved yard looks wonderful! What a beautiful spot to just sit and ponder or hook rugs. LOL

    Sometimes you jus have to ask people for help.

    Wishing for the weather to break soon. This heat just makes you not want to do anything.

    Take care


  9. Looks great. Man that kind of work is exhausting. I’ve spent my fair share of time hauling stones so I get why hiring out some is a great idea.

  10. Looks lovely Loretta, you should be proud of what was accomplished. Irene

  11. Michelle Garofalo

    Omg your yard looks amazing!!!
    I would be interested in classes for sure!
    I am just now getting some time , just hauled in a ton of tomatoes from my garden!! And there is so much more 🥴. I will see if i cant make some decisions about patterns!
    Talk soon

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  12. Alexandra Reid

    Loretta, lake lawn looks wonderful… more lawn to mow…hehehe
    Our crew just finished the last plantings …just waiting for the stone steps to be built…stay cool.
    ps still not finished the edging on my poppies.

  13. Love the new landscape! I would enjoy learning various hooking techniques and using alternative fibres mixed with wool strips, so if there is enough interest for a class, please let me know.


  14. alicedelaplante

    Looks great, Loretta & Gord. Well done designing the landscaping & well done workers. I look forward to joining in on a class or hook-in next year to see for myself. Thanks for keeping in touch.


  15. Loretta Your landscaping is gorgeous. Such a beautiful place inside and out! Lots of ideas and plans on your horizon, Best wishes for your fall endeavors. I likely will be needing another project soon. Pears pillow done! Enjoy the rest of the summer ❣️ Anne

    On Wed, Aug 25, 2021, 3:39 PM Hooked On The Lake wrote:

    > hookedonthelake posted: ” Well, these days we are not doing much work > outside – just toooooo hot and humid. We do try to do a bit every morning > before the heat gets unbearable but the kind of work I have left to do > outside just is too energy consuming to do for long. So we will ” >

  16. Your yard looks lovely. Loretta I have a question. Do you remember the fusha we dyed a t the last dying workshop we did at Old Forge? Remember we did 3-4 tries before we got it right. Anyway I need a shade lighter to finish the project. It is one of Carol Shewan’s Indigenous prints she has. It is Sunrise & Spirit Loons by A.J.VanDrie. The fuchsia is in two shades which I did not notice until I started hooking it. Let me know what you think. Penny Rose

  17. paul fierheller

    Hi Lorretta Your new landscaping does look like a great place to do some putting. Enjoy Gord. Lorraine and I and 2 friends would like to come to one of your workshops. Looking forward to what you decide and the dates.We would come the day before and stay at the Cove Inn. Miss seeing you and Gord. BARB

  18. Oh, your magical Hopkins, something to dream about!


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