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Chris is show binding these two lovely cat mats (her fur babies) and then making them into pillows…

Helen finished punching the border on her adorable Karla Gerard piece (no longer Gertrude and Elizabeth but rather Sara and Aly!)…

Isabelle sent pix of her new concept on finishing – show binding then stitching over the top of the show binding to give it added interest – love this idea and the look…(this is one of Isabelle’s designs)

I finished a small punch needle and attached it to a vintage 1940’s Pascall’s sweets box…and finally attached my Blue Punkin, Blue Moon piece to a sheep shaped hornbook…

Diane punched a lovely sunflower for the top of an antique cheese box…

and Sue finished her beautiful hooked rug showing her cottage and all the flora and fauna that surround it…

Brenda finished her Karla Gerard Red Sled with a few great adaptations…

Louise finished hooking another Tea Cosy based on Winter Pine a free pattern in OHCG magazine (one of my designs)… I love this colourful version…

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  1. Nora Upatnieks

    Great whipping by Isabelle.

  2. Wow!
    Again – thanks for posting such wonderful photos of completed pieces.
    Love the idea of the creative way to finish a mat – way to go Isabelle!
    So many talented artists 🙂

  3. as a newbie one of the things I still don’t get is the edging. Our class really didn’t cover it (IMO) so I guess I will youtube it when the time comes. These are all so original and fabulous! Really love the cottage one.

  4. Hi, are the patterns for your Santa and the Blue pumpkin Blue Moon for sale?


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