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Beth finished hooking and adapting Northern Sign of Spring one of the Ann Hallett patterns I carry …a beautiful rendition of this fun pattern…

Heather punched these wonderful little mug rugs…

Louse hooked this lovely tea cosy using yarns from Martina Lesar, for a friend…

Judy finished hooking Floral Runner – one of my patterns but adapted to suit her needs – love this version…and hmmmm love that bench!!!!…

Dayna shared this picture of a punch needle piece she finished – can you guess what that plant is? This is her homage to THE plant as she has had great success easing the pain of her rheumatoid arthritis with CBD oil… Her background was an experiment in different values which she confesses she does not like (I quite like it though)…

Michelle sent pix of her pillow (pattern from Willow Creek Rughooking) – appears there are others who like that pillow as well!…

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  1. Hi Loretta Just finished another Karla pattern the red sled, changed it up a bit. Had fun. Sorry my phone takes such horrible pictures hope all is well. My shoulder has been killing me so have not hooked a lot. I will do up your flower vase next. Debating about buying Magnolia and Precious lol I love them both. Cheers[Image]

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  2. Love the tea cozy. Is it a kit? Lined?? And is the back hooked or a piece of wool? So many questions, I know!!!! Hahahaha!!!!!! nancy PS: hope you & Gord doing well. Nice that things are beginning to ease. Let’s hope it continues!!!

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  3. Lovely to see what everyone is working on. Inspiration!

  4. Thanks for posting these lovely completed pieces!

  5. Hi Loretta,
    Pretty sure it’s a typo…would hate to think anyone would choose the name “ Louse”!
    Love the tea cozy….can you get more details? What does the other side look like? Is it lined? Is there stitching holding the two sides together or just the whipping?

  6. Nancy McFarland

    Hi Loretta It looks like a thistle maybe. I like the background. How are you? Hope you are having a good summer and your family are doing okay. I have been sending a note off to you in my head for ages. That technology hasn’t quite caught up yet🤯. Life is good in Prescott. I am having the Christmas bunny girls over for hooking on the 26th. You are most welcome to come if you are about. Take care Hugs Nancy



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