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Diane came for a visit. First company we have had in a year! But such fun. Not only did we start new things, finish UFO’s but we went junkin! It was the first time I have shopped for anything besides groceries since Covid began. Such a weird but wonderful feeling. The junk or rather antique! stores followed all the protocol and we had to wait outside until the 25% maximum numbers were reached – so exciting when 2 or 4 people would leave and we were allowed in!

So a few pictures of what we finished…

Diane finished her River Otters miniature punch needle piece (my pattern) by attaching it to an antique wooden shovel…

and her Teresa Kogut Santa was attached to an old coal shovel…

Her Pig in Posies (another one of my patterns) will be housed in a wonderful whitewashed box…

I finished a punch needle piece (pattern by Wild Cranberry) and it is on its way to a new home in Virginia…

We started, but did not quite finish, quillie punkins. Had to buy a new glue gun – ever since I cleaned my studio and reorganized I cannot find things – have somewhere, 5 glue guns – now have another!!!)… Once we are done I will post pix of those.

and a few pix of pieces finished by others…

Julie sent me a picture of her completed Christ-Gnome (one of my patterns)… love the way it hooked up…

and Pen sent me pix of her completed Lisa Ferguson pieces (all these patterns are available on my site)…

Elaine sent pix of her completed rugs…

Wendy is working on Pig in Posies and doing a fabulous job…

and Len shared his finished Kirk Brant piece – hooked, punched, stitched and embellished!!!…

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  1. Irene Horbay

    Thanks Loretta, I was disappointed not to see you at Denise’s the other week. It would have been good to catch up. Irene

    Irene Horbay


  2. WOW!
    Amazing pieces….such artistic talent.
    Thanks for sharing…..

  3. Kathy Lorsung

    Do you carry the punch needle pattern you posted by wild cranberry (the 2 crows)? Sent from my iPhone


  4. Denise Allan

    UFO’s! Always makes me laugh!

  5. Kathy Lorsung

    Sorry. I found it on the Etsy site

    Sent from my iPhone


  6. stellar work. Awesome to have company and do fun things!

  7. Jan Peckenpaugh

    Is the River Otters punchneedle pattern available from you, if so price & size please. Thank you


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