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Rain rain rain – we had rain!!! finally. The drought has been so hard on the trees (well the drought and the darned gypsy moth caterpillars) and the gardens and just on our spirits. Who says there is no climate change! We experience it more and more every summer. We used to put the dock in the water in June and the water would be so high it would be lapping at the underside of the dock – now we put it in in May and yikes it is already a foot lower. Ground has cracks in it and we have to water everything from the lake. I used to fill buckets and schlepp them up the hill to the gardens – terrified of my well running dry. Last year we bit the bullet and put in a lake watering system and I can fill the pond up when it evaporates and water the gardens without worrying about the well turning to sludge. So when it does nothing but spit for 5 minutes every three weeks hmmmm. I did my happy dance again last night when the heavens opened and this morning when I got up it was still raining! How wonderful everything looks and smells and feels.

So here is a new pattern that celebrates water!!! Me in the kayak with … no actually someone else! I don’t have a dog or rooster but I love this pattern. It would be a fun new piece to hook. So, it and all the other Karla Gerard patterns are still on sale at 20% off the pattern and 10% off the wool dyed for the pattern. Email me if you have any questions…

And if you too got rain last night ENJOY the freshness while it lasts 🙂 .

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  1. Hi Lor! I love this new Karla Gerard pattern! I would like to get it! I am currently at the cottage with very limited internet so I will be home Thursday evening ( we get our 2nd vaccines on Friday! Yeahhhh) So if you let me know what I owe, then I will e-transfer you the money on Friday when I have access to my computer! Hope all is well with you two! Cheers, Len

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  2. Elaine Armstrong

    Hi! Love the new pattern! But what is the thing in the boat? Can you make it into a person or a dog? It’s a little creepy the way it is! Almost finished my cat on roof. Just the whipping to do. I’ll share soon!
    Elaine xo

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  3. Alexandra Reid

    Just love the pussy and is it an owl 🦉?
    Almost finished my poppy flower!!
    Rain here too am happy for the new garden 🌸🌸🌸

    • you are tooooo funny. that is a girl in a hoody haha. No owl or as elaine armstong said that creepy thing in the middle!!!! i have to redraw the girl in the hoody for her into something recognizable and uncreepy. wait till i tell her you thought it was an owl haha…

      cannot wait to see your rug

      hope you and mom and your fur kid are all well. i am now done riverstone removal and replacement and decided i needed to regrout all our flagstone because there was three inches of weeds embedded in between them. found out i had to lift and flip each stone!!!! the top was black with age and mildew and the underside was still the beautiful original colour. so am about 2/3 of the way through the front and sides. boy my back is telling me to stop but hmmm once the job started i could not stop because i realise how bloody ugly it had become but also soooo uneven! anyway fingers crossed it will still look good next year haha…

      big hugs to you all… lor

  4. What do you have, if anything, in any small patterns for hot pads? 12 to 14” sq? Still not able to hook, but hoping to soon. Nancy

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