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Forests have been denuded of rocks – every morning Gord checks his list of jobs to see if that 4 letter word appears and when it does he groans and holds his back! I think we have dug up and schlepped a ton of rocks out of the forest (thank goodness we live on Canadian Shield and rocks are in abundance) and used them in gardens or to create gardens or to set up boundaries where I am not ALLOWED to garden!!!. But we are almost done – almost done cleaning out the Riverstone and almost done making new gardens and planting – now just weeding and enjoying as the butterflies and bees and hummingbirds zip through them.

So now I have time to hook and punch and dye and draw patterns again. So my next sale will be all Karla Gerard patterns – 20% off; and any custom dyed wool for Karla Gerard patterns 10% off. Send me your address by email along with your request and I can let you know the total with shipping in Canadian or U.S funds (although our Canadian dollar has picked up there is still about a 20+% savings on exchange to U.S.).

So off to sit on the porch and maybe start hooking my latest pattern Pig in Posies. She will be a dirty girl!

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  1. Carol Bretzloff

    Hi Loretta,
    Thank you for your inspiring and motivating email.
    Your Gardens and grounds must look beautiful.
    I am sure you are feeling a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.
    It would be nice if you posted a photo that we could all enjoy.
    Cheers and Happy Hooking!
    Carol Bretzloff-Holmes

  2. Nice to be able to enjoy the beauty of your hard work!
    Hook On!

  3. Julie McDonald


    If a rock falls on a cat lady’s head in the forest does it make a sound ? Gord wants to know.


    Sent from my iPad


  4. Would love to see a photo of your gardens!

  5. Barbara Thompson

    I want to see pictures of your rocky gardens !!! Show me yours and I’ll show you mine !

  6. While reading about your rock moving, I was thinking my weeding isn’t such a bad job. Until I remembered that the rocks won’t need to be redone constantly. I hope you show us the results of all that hard work.


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