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Denise finished her beautiful oriental rug a Pearl McGown pattern Paisley 57 x 36 in number 3 cut with wool dyed by her friend Jane…took a few years 🙂 …

Leslie’s sweet Owl rug for her SIL who is a bird-bander and specializes in owls – “This is a Saw Whet owl and the “15”  is the colour of the yellow of the eyes as they classify them.”…

Edie finished her S for Sunflowers with lovely prodded sunflowers…

Catherine ordered this fun Ann Hallett pattern and wool from me last year and in a few months it was done – and fabulous…

and a new piece finished by Andrea (pattern from Encompassing Design) and attached to a fabulous frame (great find at a local recycling centre)…

Susan donated this fun F for Flamingo to the Letters for Seniors project…

and a few more donations done by Louise…

and Andrea…

and Betty..

Anne finished her lovely Blooming Circles (one of my karla Gerard patterns)…

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  1. These pieces a lovely. I really love the way Andrea has hung her piece from Encompassing designs. Your ladies are fast hookers. I am still finishing two projects from November. But almost there.

    love the posts. trish

  2. I also meant to say that the oriental rug is gobsmackingly beautiful. What talent!
    truly a magnificent heirloom. Trish

  3. Such uplifting and beautiful pieces! Thanks for sharing!

  4. All great but I especially love the Oriental rug!

  5. Vintage cabin a sucre with B in right hand corner = Aurore Benoit Ste Hyacinthe Quebec !


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