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Irene’s funky Mosaic from a class with Sue Perry (who is teaching this class at the OHCG Virtual Annual – you may still be able to sign up!)…

Anne just finished Carol Shewan’s pattern by Mark Anthony Jacobson…

Joanne is in the process of framing her Karla Gerard Folk Bird…

Sheila has been hooking up a storm – these next two amazing pieces are her own designs and hooked largely in her beautiful yarns…

Last week I decided my sister Diane needed a D for her door in her LTC facility. She knows how to write her name and anything with a D on it instantly is “hers”. She loves pink, she loves dolphins. I found a wonderful site that has free colouring book pages of the alphabet all done with animals incorporated into the letters so Di got a D with a Dolphin and Pink!!! to go on her door…

At almost the same time a friend sent out an email to one of the groups I belong to asking if people would consider doing a small piece to donate to her mothers facility in bright cheery colours. I suggested that perhaps the same little letter rugs might be interesting – hung on a door people will have a fun way of recognizing their rooms and so…

Betty did R for Rhino with funky toenails…

I did J for Jellyfish…

and Carol donated a lovely S for Swan…

Edie is working on an S for Sunflower(hope to have this soon Edie to show off your fabulous flowers)…

and I think there may be a few other little rugs being worked on… I loved this idea of making something that would brighten up the days of our loved ones who are in lockdown in their retirement homes and long term care facilities.

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  1. Lovely hookings to enjoy on this chilly day. I love the sweet letter animals on each door. They will bring many a smile. They would also make cute pillows for a child’s bed. Hmmmmmm. I always enjoy your posts. They give me ideas. Hugs

  2. What a sweet gift for your sister and what fun that others are joining in.

  3. What a great idea! All of these pieces are fantastic !

  4. Michelle Garofalo

    Ohhh can you share the link to the alphabet site? And do you need any help i would love to hook a few door hangings !!

    Sent from my iPhone

  5. What a brilliant idea, Loretta, love all of them, you are so creative. Love Irene’s mosaic pattern, she is such a great hooker and her work is so creative and unique. Sue is a great teacher, fun and my neighbour! I took the class as well…I am the “slooooooww” one. I highly recommend the class…thanks for sharing, Loretta! Now I must think about a Lisa Ferguson.

  6. Hi LorettaWhat a great idea for senior residences! Do you have the link for the colouring book pages? Hope all is well and you are managing the lockdowns. They are loosening some restrictions here but curfew is still on, which is fine. We need to get numbers down and not allow that UK variant to take a hold.Its groundhog day everyday lol but thats OK. Getting lots done in the house…organizing and decluttering haha…Take care and stay well.JoniSent from Joni Black….Have a wonderful day 😊

  7. What beautiful sentiments are carried through the lettered mats for LCR folks. Well worth a section of our OHCG magazine.

  8. I love this idea!

  9. These are all lovely rugs.. The letter idea for a door in an LTC home is really sweet. I love love love the Jelly fish and I am so in love with Carol Shewan’s pattern hooked by Anne. Thank you for posting such amazing rugs. Trish

  10. Your sister Diane is going to LOVE her hooked “D” door decoration – you are the best sister ever!! So thoughtful of you to put all the elements into the piece that you know she will love. Very special XOXO. I know how much you must miss your visits with her.
    Such a nice idea – thinking of residents in LTC – a nice way to brighten their days – and the staff that work there. Sometimes its the little things that can make the biggest difference in the lives of others.

    Thanks for posting all the “lovelies” for show and tell. So many creative, talented people!
    Very inspiring 🙂

  11. Really like the alphabet animals-wonderful idea for seniors home-or for little gifts. Days are really dragging in Georgian Village-we are on the independent side, but it sure makes you realize what being institutionalized must be like! Trying to exercise outdoors as much as [possible, and finish a small project and get back to the long Johns-have the border finished and the underwear-now to plan the rest! Beth

    Sent from my iPad


    • we are walking a lot with the dog – not ours – we borrow him from the neighbours 🙂 and doing a smaller project or two was fun. now to finish binding porky and then hmmmmmmm. big hugs – you will have fun designing (well I think you have already done that) the background for your long johns.

  12. Morning Loretta Those letters are wonderful. What a great idea. Just playing with a fish for an F or C for a cat. What size about and how did you finish for hanging? I haven’t forgotten the oriental. Just waiting for restrictions to open up. Hugs Nancy



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