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Today I have many pieces to share. I hope they inspire you as much as they did me…

Helen finished her lovely moose rug for her son…

Debra finished her Gertrude and Elizabeth (Karla Gerard) rug – I have always loved this pattern and Debra did a wonderful job…

Nancy sent me a picture of her Mosaic rug and the ancient mosaic tile from a Roman ruin in Coimbra, Portugal that inspired it…

Rachel hooked this lovely rug in memory of Lise…

Diane finished punching her Dancing Rabbits pillow…

Louise finished her fun fun Stocking Stretchers and ChristMoose Pillow…

Maxine’s colourful Sunflowers…

Kim is ALMOST finished this beautiful floor mat. She wanted something that would work with her bedspread so I took various elements from the bedcover and enlarged and simplified them and moved them around and added flowers and vines and then dyed the colours to match her linens and I am so thrilled with the way this is turning out…

and last but definitely NOT least are the rugs of Evelyn who just turned 97 and is still hooking these amazing big beautiful rugs…

And a glorious quilt by her daughter Lois…

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  1. Wow! Such talented people out there! I loved each and everyone! So enjoy seeing these when you send them out Lor!!
    Merry Christmas everyone…. happy creating and stay safe!

  2. Lots of busy little Elves! All beautifully done!

  3. Wow, 97 we need to know her secret ❤️many talented artists out there for sure. Love Nancy’s mosaic, thanks Sue Perry.

  4. Oh wow! That’s quite the collection 

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  5. Kim really like your pattern and colors, along with the explanation on your design. very tasteful and nice to look at.

  6. wow wow wow just wonderful!!! lots of great talent

  7. GOODNESS!! Such lovely rugs!

  8. What wonderful rugs. Hugs Nancy



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