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Mary and Andrea hooked the same piece, Wynter (see my rughooking patterns page if you would like to hook this pattern) – and how different they both are. I think it is such fun when people make a pattern their own! by hooking, punching and embellishing it to suit their personality and style…

Sue finished her Sheep and Tongues kit and did a wonderful hit and miss border around it…

and wow, I finished a miniature punch needle – By the River (one of my Karla Gerard punch needle kits)…

I will attach it to this wonderful hornbook made by my friend Vince (I do have a couple still in stock in different sizes and shapes) and then cover the edges of the punch needle with either a yarn, a braid made of wool strips – something to hide those little bits of white edge that tend to show through…

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  1. Meredith Jennings

    Thank you so much for continuing to post your charming, upbeat posts during all of these confusing times. I’m in Tennessee so I live with the very polarized political scene, then worldwide is the pandemic, so there is not a lot of pleasant news to be had until I come to your delightful posts filled with kind remarks and lovely pieces of punched art. Again, thank you!!! And know that what you spend so much careful thought and long hours to create and send out to us really does matter.

    Meredith Jennings

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  2. Lovely work by all the artists. I particularly like the apple trees in “By the River”. Thanks for sharing these beautiful creations. Sincerely, Carol Bretzloff-Holmes

  3. Lots of talent out there!

  4. Hi Loretta, I’m wondering if the By the River pattern comes in a door mat size. I enjoy seeing what everyone is hooking during Covid isolation. Marie

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