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and once again I am on the mouse hunt!!!! I guess it comes with living in the country – every fall we start the battle with the mice! Normally I know exactly where to put the live trap and every morning that same darned mouse is in the trap winking at me as he licks peanut butter off his whiskers. WELLLLL this morning was quite different – got up and immediately went out to turn on the kettle for my coffee before getting washed and hmmmmmm Lucky (one of the multiple cats) was crouched down staring under the couch. I should have known when he didn’t wake me up whining outside the bedroom door that something was up so down I went onto my knees and sure enough!!!! a little critter was under the couch. Nowwww, we have not had a mouse running around the house in years! But yesterday the weather was soooooo glorious that I left the front and back doors open and hmmmm the screen on the front door no longer closes up tightly and from experience I know that even a FAT mouse with a 2 inch girth can squeeze himself down to the size of a skinny pancake. Well, looks like the one that I let go in the garden (yup too lazy to drive the half mile to let it go in the sandpit where it could join the many others of its relatives) crept up the stairs and into the house! Well, when the mouse saw me and smelled the cat it went scooting across the room and hid someplace else so now I am hunting mouse!

But I do have time to share a few lovely new finished pieces people have sent me pictures of:

Sallie finished this lovely version of one of my Karla Gerard patterns – Primitive Floral:

Lois’ beautiful punched chickadee (pattern by Michelle Palmer)…and Winter Wonderland (one of my rughooking and punch needle patterns)…

and the new LISA FERGUSON pattern Christmas Fox is now available as a rughooking pattern 32 x 21 inches and a miniature punch needle pattern 11 x 7.5 inches.

Diane hooked and punched this smaller wonderful version of Wynter and I have added it as a pattern on my pattern page…

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    I read your post with relief to know I am not the only one. I woke up at 330 am Monday morning to a terrible racket and went outside thinking a raccoon was on the roof or gazebo. No …. it was dinner time in the kitchen cupboards. Didn’t even care when I opened the door, it just looked at me. I only saw one, cute gray and white, but am sure there had to be more from the noise.

    Anyway enter the Orkin man and it was a man. Food is now better stored and cupboards scrubbed. They ate entire granola bars lol:)

    Enjoy the sun. Suzanne

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  2. Wonderful Hooking and punching! Good luck with the mouse!

  3. All these pieces are so beautiful! Well done! I particularly like Sallie’s piece with the proddy border! Wow it pops!!!👍😀

  4. That s hilarious. I usually have 3 cats playing with one mouse and nobody dies. Would you like to borrow this duo? You may have even made it. From the 2013 Annual. Hugs Nancy The Lisa Ferguson is adorable


  5. love the proddy border….has inspired me to give it a try…thank you for sharing

  6. Thank you, i always enjoy your stories.
    The hooking is excellent and i always promise myself i will do more.
    Karin Payne


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