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A BIT OF SHOW AND TELL…and BIGGG problems with WordPress…

Please be patient – WordPress has totally changed their format without telling me and I just tried to make a minor change to my Rughooking patterns page and holy cow it is alllllll messed up. I will try to figure out how to correct this but in the meantime if you see a pattern you like but cannot find info please contact me via email and I will give you details! Now lets hope this post works!!! as that was changed as well :-((( .

Cathy completed her beautiful Seaside Cat (I have this pattern in stock 20% off)…

and Songs of a new beginning available from Willow Creek Rughooking…

and Allyson completed her lovely Michelle Palmer chickadee…

Jocelyn finished her Birdhouse with prodded flowers…

Andrea did a few more fun pumpkins – zoom in to see all the embellishments – pattern by Julie Burns from WoolWorks Magazine 2018 vol. 2, issue 3… 

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  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one upset about WP. I’ve been getting emails about the new format, thought it was totally optional, but BAM there it was. Even selecting “use classic WP” doesn’t seem to revert. I HATE IT! :-< I have NO idea how someone thought it was easier than simply pasting your post (I keep a simple text file on computer going between posts), and then putting pictures where you want them. I see at least you figured that out.

    Sorry, I don't mean to fuss and stomp my feet on your blog! 🙂


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