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In March I started hooking a commissioned piece. It started off with a bang, of course, because, all of a sudden, with no shows, I had a ton of free time. And lots of energy. Which quickly disappeared – well, energy and time got diverted into different things like gardens and painting the outside of the house and all sorts of jobs! And, although I loved hooking the ladies in this piece (pattern by Sharon Smith) and the fields, once I got to the sky all that purple and red really threw me. I don’t like purple or blue all that much – some dirty smoky blues or greens blues yes! but purple is not a colour I gravitate to. Well, over the months, enough people kept saying “hook that darned sky!” that I was finally shamed into finishing it. And hmmmm, can I admit I actually like the sky now. We did change up the colour somewhat as the person I was hooking it for also realized she did not really like purple all that much either so we went 🙂 smoky blue with some purple – of course we had to keep SOME purple because the name of the rug IS, after all, Purple Rain! So, it is finally done and ready to be mailed and hmmm, what shall I work on next – oh maybe finishing my Porkalicious! She has not, thankfully, come back to eat the house but we did find her in the pond scooping up and eating algae! I did encourage her to eat ALLLLLLL she wanted of the algae! Gord was thrilled as it meant he did not have to scoop. So time she was immortalized!

So here is my version of Purple(ly Blue) Rain…

and a few other lovely finished pieces…

Edie finished her lovely hooked bag… THIS LOVELY DESIGN IS BY Winnie Glavine AND IS CALLED UNDER SIGNAL HILL…

Kim turned her New Sunflower kit into a sweet little pillow:

Joanne finished this colourful version of Blooming Birches (one of my Karla Gerard patterns) and yup that is my special Birches wool in the tree (which I do have in stock!)…

and Leanne did an amazing version of Lisa Ferguson’s Loon…

When I prepared for shows in January – March I think I made up over 40 rughooking kits. I have made many. more since but am trying to clear out stock so I still have 11 beginner kits in stock at 20% off. They are marked on the website – email me if you are interested…




















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  1. Love your purply rain. Is that your own pattern? Nancy


  2. Loretta I do like your purple and blue sky…. but then they do happen to be my favourite colours!!! All the other rugs are beautiful too!!😀

  3. Lovely purple rain Loretta. You are really breaking a bit out of your box. 😍😏 M

    • haha. yup and that is probably a good thing. I had my rugs on display at Trent many years ago during the show and tell and I realized they were very recognizable as they were alllll the same colours !!!!

  4. My goodness – there are some lovely rugs being made during this pandemic. I always look forward to your show and tell.

  5. Loretta, I love the purple rain…and the purse and..all of them!

  6. Loretta, I love your interpretation of the purple sky. It is really lovely. I like that pattern.

    Hope you and gord are well. I can’t believe we are preparing for fall harvest. Yikes, it will be winter before we can turn around.

    I am finally taking a Celtic hooking course this September. It is an online zoom room course taught by Jennifer Curran. It may inspire me to do another Celtic rug that calls my name periodically.

    Take good care. Keep those uploads coming showing the lovely rugs hooked by the ladies down your way. I do love seeing them.

    Fondest regards, Trish
    Trish Strung
    John’s most recent photos:
    John’s photo albums:

    • Hi Trish. lovely to hear from you. Oh have fun with the Celtic course – one good thing that came out of this pandemic is the fact that people can talk classes from all over without having to travel. enjoy!!!…

  7. Hi Loretta. Keep some of those purple and mauve fabric shades for me. I’ll be needing them down the road for my lavender flowers design.

    Sandy Howard.


  8. By the way I love the purple you used in the sky. Very beautiful.



  9. Hi Loretta, We are in Westport, how do we get to the Community centre ?? Thanks Lynnette

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  10. Haha found you 😷🙋🏻‍♀️💕

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  11. Karen Massingham

    Love them all!! So much talent!!


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