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It always amazes me how a number of people can hook the same pattern so very differently. Three Blooms is a pattern I carry and I am currently drawing it up and dyeing jewel toned wools for a friend and it reminded me of the different versions people have done and I thought I would share them:

Karla’s original painting:

Chris’ bright vibrant version:


Joan’s very soft version:

Sherri’s more toned down jewel colours version:

and Karen’s fall colours version:

I am sure there are even more out there that I have not seen but these are all so beautiful and all so unique…

and may these other show and tell pieces inspire you – I know I am finally!!! finishing Purple Rain – just starting the show binding today Yeahhhhh… Then on to finishing Porkypine! … soooo

Marie finished her look kit with a wonderful checkered border:

and 2 more rugs by Joan – Karla Gerard pattern…

and this lovely rug based on a card by artist Tish Walsh with permission…


and Leslie finished her beaver rug (her own design) and yellow flowers based on a collage by artist Christina Swerdlow:



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  1. Karen Massingham

    Wonderful to see so many variations of the same project. Love it!!

  2. these rugs are all beauties. I love the colour interpretations of the same pattern Inspiring for sure

  3. Loved seeing the different colour ways of Three Blooms. All so delightful!

  4. WOW!!! ALL so delightful, bravo aux artistes!

  5. It is amazing how differently people see things. Love it all!!

  6. Beautiful rugs. The Karla Gerard rug just makes me smile. Not my style, but wonderful!

  7. Mine is quite different as well. You also dyed these for me. [Image]

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