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If you love Sunflowers here is a way to keep them all year round. I cannot grow them as the squirrels constantly gnaw off the heads, take a bite and then leave them on the ground. But I lovvvve SUNFLOWERS!. So I decided years ago to make wool ones. Inedible! If you are interested in making some, I now have proddy tools back in stock and yeah, rusty bedsprings. Give me a shout if you would like more information. I also make up pattern/kit/instructions on how to make these wonderful fun flowers…


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  1. I love your sunflowers, and they are so much fun to make!

  2. Michelle Garofalo

    Hi there i would love some rusty bed springs!

  3. Michelle Garofalo

    How big are the chipmunk patterns?

  4. I can’t find where to buy the kits, help please

  5. These sunflowers are absolutely beautiful. I love them.

  6. I just read your post and love those sunflowers! I’d like to buy 3 bed springs. Please let me know how. Thanks so much.

  7. Len de Graaf

    Hi Lor: Hope all is well with you and Gord! We are hanging in here… I saw your sunflowers and am interested!! What would the entire kit cost me?? Thanks & Hugs, Len

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  8. Love you sunflowers and would like more information.

  9. Karen Massingham

    I love the sunflowers but will have to wait!!! I fell and broke my wrist last week and have all this time inside and can’t do anything!!! I will save it!!

  10. Love sunflowers & these are so fun & happy!
    Very interested in obtaining instructions, thank you.

  11. Michele Rocheleau

    I’d like to purchase one of your sunflower kits!

  12. Nancy McFarland

    They are beautiful. So happy. Yes I have many laying down sunflowers. I staked the rest. With luck I might get one or two. So frustrating those dam squirrels. Hugs Nancy >

  13. Gorgeous! I love them. Makes me wish that I hadn’t given away the ones I did, but hope others are enjoying them. So sorry to miss the Westport Hook-in day recently. I always enjoy seeing everyone. Keep well.
    E-Hugs, Alice

  14. Linda Burnside

    I would love instructions and the bed springs! They are so fun!!

  15. Lynnette Elliott

    Hi Loretta,

    I really love your Sunflowers, and would love the pattern & kit with instructions, as well as the bed springs. Also, in your post , you talked about “prody” tools?? Do I need that??

    For the Love of Hooking,
    Lynnette Elliott 🙋🏻‍♀️💕

  16. I would also love to receive info on your beautiful sunflowers pattern/kit/instructions 🙂 I have saved their photo – it makes me smile! Thank you!

  17. Love the sunflowers! Good idea. On these hot and humid days I haven’t been doing much
    Hooking. Wish I was on our deck looking over Cranberry Lake.

  18. Anita McDaniel

    Love the sunflowers, please send info on pattern/kits.

  19. I would also love information on the sunflowers kit/pattern/etc They are so lovely!

  20. Hi! i also LOVE the sunflowers……i would love to learn how….could you send me info on your kits/supplies. thank you so much! Robin


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