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First, my new little friend(s). We must have at least 10 chipmunks around the house – they have made huge tunnels – amazes me how they can lift river stone that is bigger than they are out of the way to dig their tunnels. And also, how my house continues to stand! They now come up on the porch and beg for peanuts – too sweet but the cats are going nuts as they see them through the glass doors or screens and hmmmm figure they are a new treat! or toy! …


Edie finished her Seagull kit – first time hooking with number 8 cut and alternative fibres!!!… Welcome to the dark side Edie!!!…

Elizabeth finished her beautiful Lisa Ferguson Snowshoe Hare… and is now starting her Kingfisher…

Linda hooked a Canada goose which she will embellish with feathers she discovered on her walk – background is POLAR FLEECE! I think it may have been a pair of pants she had – I kind of remember that pattern 🙂 – brilliant!…

And Beth finished her Karla Gerard punch needle and oh is that an up cycled box or drawer???… 

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  1. The snow on the Snowshoe Hare rug is AMAZING.
    Edie, ditto what Loretta. Welcome to the dark side 🙂

  2. Loretta love your blogs … cat and peanut is great … mine unfortunately bring them home To show mama .. thankfully i can always rescue them and send them to the big world to survive another day

  3. Nancy McFarland

    How sweet. And the hookings are lovely 😻 Nancy



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