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I am so excited and honoured to announce the return of Ann Hallett’s wonderful rughooking designs. When I started rughooking Ann’s patterns were available through Rittermere Hurst Field. When RHF closed their doors (a sad day for all of us!), the designs were in limbo for a while. Now, with Ann’s help, I will gradually be reintroducing them a few at a time. Ann was to be the feature artist at the OHCG annual in April – sadly of course, this did not happen. However, you can look for an amazing article featuring Ann and her designs and her story in the June newsletter. If you are not an OHCG member consider joining – go to the website  for more information.

To start with, Ann and I are reintroducing the following patterns:

Who let the Cows Out 27 x 39
…hooked by Ann Hallett…

Northern Sign of Spring 27 x 39

…hooked by Gail Mueller…

…hooked by Bill Brown…
Rodeo for Dorothy 18 x 36 
…hooked by Ann Hallett…
I also found this lovely version below of Rodeo for Dorothy on the OHCG website from a few years ago. If anyone recognizes it, please let me know who the rughooker is…I hope whoever he/she is does not mind me posting their  rug but I thought it would be interesting to show two entirely different versions of the same pattern… In Ann’s version above, she included a border in memory of her dear friend Dorothy whose life and story inspired the rug design – the version below is the actual pattern…
Eat Crow 18 x 36
…hooked by Lois Latham…

– The Ancestors 27 x 39
Scheming Squirrels 18 x 26


If anyone reading this has hooked a design by Ann, I would sooooo love it if you could send me a picture and I will post it for all to see.


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  1. percivalsandi

    Interesting and great news. Wonderful patterns. Another artist tor rug hookers to get their hooks into!!

    • Arlene Abbott

      Loretta: When will you be doing the patterns etc. and is there some way to show a colour photo. I am a member of the Orillia group and the Huronia group and we are all watching and waiting for the newsletter in June. I see Ann at our meetings and it is always a treat to see what she is working on,

  2. HiHow are you doing?That’s great on the patterns. I have been looking for the long john pattern for years. How big is it and how much will it be on linen?ThanksJoniSent from Joni Black….Have a wonderful day 😊

  3. Pat Reid..RVBB

    Loretta: Ann did the Holstein rug for the Annual we had in 2001 in Kemptville at the Agriculture College! Good to see it….

  4. Great patterns! I look forward to seeing more. ❤️

  5. Love the cow rug!!

  6. OH Sure! Put yet more temptation in front of me! You just know I will want some!

    (((Virtual hug)))

  7. Nancy McFarland

    Congratulations. That is a very nice acquisition. Love her long underwear. Hugs Nancy >

  8. Did Ann Hallett receive payment for this use of her excellent designs?

    • Yes – I have an arrangement with Ann and as I sell her patterns she gets a royalty percentage of each sale. thank you for asking – I would not sell patterns without consent of the artist or payment for the patterns sold


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