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Nancy finished her tessellating sheep now residing on a wonderful old trunk…

Kim finished her African mud cloth rug…

A Deanne Fitzpatrick hooked by – oh my gosh!!!! I don’t remember! is that isolation forgetfulness setting in.  I already am finding that conversing is getting hard – Gord and I are at the point of grunting at each other and understanding the grunts… Please let me know who hooked this – you are out there I know 🙂 …  Marie’s lovely rug – started by someone else and finished by Marie – we dont know who SMM is?… Susie finished hooking her textured Sunflower kit and just needs to make it into a pillow…

And Mary hooked the same textured Sunflower kit … I love the way people hook so differently and the rugs never look the same… 

Tara did such a beautiful job on her Fox in Trilliums rug (Lisa Ferguson pattern that I kitted only hmmm a few weeks ago! for her)…

If you are looking for a cutter, Carol has a Rigby Model D for sale  –  recently  serviced. Contact  Carol  directly  please……

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  1. Nancy Crapper

    I did the Wonky Row Houses, Loretta. Hahaha!!! Waiting to be put on a board. It is a door topper. Nancy

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  2. Lillian Gruntz

    Marie’s mat is a Sylvia MacDonald Whimsey pattern…. the SSM copyright….


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