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Wellllllll, as I was trying to work in the gardens yesterday, putting in a few plants and moving a few to new locations and planting rocks, I realized THE BLACKFLIES DID NOT GET THE MEMO about social distancing!!! Thank goodness we got most of the outdoor work done prior to blackfly season – I HATE black flies! If you have never had the dubious pleasure of meeting up with a blackfly – they are like little tiny vampires! They bite a chuck out of you – meat eaters! and you bleed and itch and swell up! and they swarm!!!!! The only good thing is that hopefully the birds are getting a good feed! and the first day or two of heat will kill them. I kept yelling at them – back back – 6 feet! They don’t listen! so that may be the end of gardening for a few of weeks!!!

Golf courses opened yesterday – with many restrictions and new rules – and Gord is in heaven again! and I get to play without hearing “do you need any help down there” ūüôā . So today I will be dyeing and kitting (my sale of 20% off kits and patterns is still ongoing) and hmmmm, hooking or punching on the porch! So I will be in heaven as well!!!

A few pieces to share:

Julie finished her River Otters – her goal was to use only! what she had in stock so except for the birch tree (my birches wool) everything else was in her stash! I think it gave her version a wonderful old vintage look…

Patsy is a painter and every so often she sends me a picture of one of her paintings that she wants to turn into a hooked rug and I dye the wool for it. This piece is stunning! The story… “my rug is dedicated to my great grandfather John Sawyer Black, who emigrated to Canada from Benbecula Scotland in 1851. He was fourteen years old.”…

Linda’s lovely loon rug-and yup that ¬†would ¬†be ¬†my ¬†birches ¬†wool again…

Helen finished her beautiful chickadee pattern by Timeless Traditions…

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  1. The thistle is beautiful,and so meaningful. Still under lockdown somewhat-who do you trust-we are all our brothers keepers in communal living! Suns out finally and cottage country is busy as expected-or as it has been, but a little more obvious!

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  2. Nancy McFarland

    Hi Loretta Sounds lovely. No black flies here. Your birch bark wool is beautiful. Finally finished my sheep rug. Did you figure out your frame for your Tom Thompson. Would love to see a picture. Hugs Nancy


  3. Shelley Newton

    Love reading this newsletter .
    Gorgeous rugs

  4. Hi Loretta, I love the loon and lake rug with your birch wool. Is that an original pattern by Linda? Or is it one of your patterns? If it is available I would like to order it. You would be happy to know that I just saw my first pair of orioles this year. They are back! Happy for Gord and his golf. Have a great day. Marie

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  5. paul fierheller

    Hi Lorretta; We have a few blackflies today and I hope it stays that way. Do you have the pattern of the two Chickadees in punch needle shown below by Helen . I very much would like to punch it….Barb

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  6. the blackflies arrived here about 3 days ago and they are brutal I can not garden with them out.
    I pray for a breeze as that keeps them at bay. Lovely pieces as always.


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