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Well, with the visiting restrictions at retirement homes we were not able to see my mom for Mother’s Day yesterday – too cold for her to do a balcony visit! But we called and chatted – not quite the same as getting together in real life but at least we can talk every day or 2. So, since I am not a mom!, we decided to celebrate one of our local moms and made her up a nice peanut butter pie! She was thrilled!…

Tara is working on her Fox in Trilliums – one of my Lisa Ferguson patterns… those eyes are amazing!!!…

Helen finished punching her beautiful Fraktur which I will be offering as a punching pattern…ohhh maybe even as a rughooking pattern… hmmmmmmm….and a small leaf design…which she then put into a shadow box… 

Shelagh finished her scrappy Colour Riot mat…
and Christine finished her bubble rug – I think this is such a hoot but I would have dropped the E at the end of CARPE!!!!…and definitely something we should be doing these days – seizing the joy in every day…

Tomorrow I will post the second instalment on the purse …

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  1. Love looking at all these pieces! It brightens my day!

  2. The Fox is stunning-am back to working on the Seagarden-somewhat reluctantly, and doing 10,000 steps daily-what a remarkable change in life when nothing really matters but health! In some ways surviving to this age (almost 78) is amazing, but to be considered by other generations as expendable is a real piss off! Have learned a number of lessons since moving into this setting-who you can trust, the value of friendship, the importance of cleanliness, how little we really need, the gift of a still functioning mind, and the importance of maintaining our body mechanics.How our wild open/traveling everywhere , lifestyle will change! Will we ever get west to meet the new partner of our son, see the Rockies again, get to the family reunion, the postponed Wedding reception, even to pub night in the complex? The big questions of life become very self centered! Watching the birds antics , discouraging the robins from nesting on our tiny patio….life is good, but a little more variety would be better. The scary part about this type of enforced isolation is the fact that when the rules are relaxed, you really don’t know who is going to stretch the situation too far, and that impacts all of us-much different than when we lived in the bush-after 50+ years of being in the great outdoors, this has been the biggest learning curve. Enjoying seeing the work you are posting.! Keep healthy! Can’t wait to see a pot of herbs and some planters outside here! Beth

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  3. Nancy McFarland

    Lovely >


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