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FIRSTLY let me apologize to Lorraine for my error in crediting Tara (sorry Tara it is no longer yours 🙂 ) for the lovely Orca rug! As I mentioned to Lorraine, I have been trying to cut back on caffeine so hmmm, either not enough or too much!

Mini fishbones are back in stock so if you are looking for a fun little project that you can punch up in about an hour! the pattern and bones and instructions are once again available…

I also have a wonderful little wood and wire hanger made by Betty that would be fabulous for a medium sized punch needle – measures about 13.5 inches wide with a center width of about 7 inches. Contact me if you are interested…

I did get quite a bit of dyeing done yesterday…

Hmmmm, thats a lot of blue!!!! but the blue on the left is multiple values in regular and sparkle wool and is a colour I sell a lot of for winter skies and snow…

– perfect for some of the Lisa Ferguson patterns such as…

and a close up of the smoky old navy… which I love for background on primitives…The striped one is Birches – a dyeing technique I developed a number of years ago – when the wool is cut length wise and hooked length wise it gives you amazing birch bark trees without having to work too hard! Perfect for some of the Karla Gerard patterns…

Here is how it the Winter Sky, Old Smoky Navy and Birches look hooked up… So if you are looking for Winter Sky, Dirty Snow, Old Smoky Navy or Birches I now have a good supply on hand…

And just a reminder that my rughooking kits and patterns will stay at 20% off until we meet again … and may that be soon! (punch needle kits are 10% off)…


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  1. Oh we do (or I should say I) do love the Karla Gerard patterns! So whimsical!!


    Hi Loretta, I hope you are doing great! would like the hanger if it’s not spoken for. I would also like to know what the snippet of pattern is that you show hooked with the birch tree in it? Thanks much, Kelly

  3. Loretta your blues are beautiful! Everything else too but I’m a blue person!


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  4. Hi, Loretta,

    I love your Birches wool! Is it available for purchase?


  5. Wow, love the colours. The birch tree wool is awesome and I love the blues.
    Talk soon.

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  6. Nancy McFarland

    Love your birch bark wool. You are not going to believe this but I haven’t completely finished my mini fish bone I started a while back . Hooking is done but not stuffed and mounted yet. another UFO that has the potential of being finished. Just about finished my sheep rug. Redid quite a bit of it. Hopefully will a few things for show and tell soon. Have fun with your dying Hugs Nancy



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