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Yesterday I woke up and could not understand why it was so bright outside at 5 a.m. SNOOOOOWWWWW – end of April and we got snow! It melted quickly but nonetheless SNOW!!!! Really!

So it turned out to be a good day to change my routine from news, gardens, cooking to news, baking, Mexican train and hooking (changing that first letter from a c to an h made a world of difference!). Yes Purple Rain is coming along but slowly! There’s a lotttt of purple sky! But here are a few pieces that others shared this week:

Anne finished her beautiful Crossing the Delaware (Pris Butler design)…

Tara finished ANOTHER rug – a wishing rug!…

Dianne finished her Folky Cat kit – I think this is probably kit number 5 since January…

Liz finished her lovely pastel garden rug…

Louise made a fabulous little ship for her grandson…

and Betty did a 3 row whipped edge on her Tom Thomson rug.

My TT of course, is still sitting on the table trying to make its way into the antique frame I had it custom designed for. I measured so that it would fit perfectly inside the frame but of course as you hook the linen stretches and shrinks so I needed to remove a good half inch on the length and on the sides. Well Lengthwise it worked! but sideways it left me short so what to do!!!! all the strips end at the side! yikes – so I have put it aside for a day when my mind is actually working properly and will decide – do I rehook the ends of each strip and make it that 1/4 inch wider! or do I hook a row from top to bottom but the problem with that is that the colours all change as I go down the side.  or do I take out another 1/4 inch and hook in a border like I originally had! ahhhhhhhhh decisions decisions…

And a picture of Foxy cat on her trunk…

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  1. You play Mexican Train!


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  2. so wonderful to meet Foxy Cat. Soooo adorable.

  3. Isn’t it strange how people react to this-income tax to do-have organized my part, whew!-my brain says-do straight knitting, follow a pattern, follow a routine, but is balking at abstract as in Sea Garden-will put it aside for a bit-10,000 steps and instructions are okay for a bit. I noticed less abstraction in Deanne’s stuff as well this past week. Winter and very high water on Georgian Bay-over the Town dock this past week. The cottagers (carriers)are back too-ugh!

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  4. Foxy cat is a real treasure!

  5. The exact sizing is hard I had that issue with my stair risers. Sweet foxy

  6. Foxy Cat is adorable! I can see why you kept her. Sometimes a project needs a time-out while the brain mulls it over in the background. Too often trying to force a solution seems to end in disappointing results for me.

  7. Nancy MCFARLAND

    Love the pastel garden hit and miss. Not sure 🤔 I could achieve this colour pallet.

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  8. I think you were completely sensible as a child to name your toy a foxy cat!

  9. Wow I have never seen triple whipping before, it is glorious.


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