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Just received notification this week of a few more show cancellations – check my events page for updates. I think it is very important that we be proactive on our handling of this Virus but I am sad about missing the shows and seeing so many old and new friends. 2021 will hopefully be a better year but it will be a new life for everyone I think – even heard that maybe handshaking is a way of the past! Definitely I will try!!! to stop hugging 😦 – hmmmm Gord may not be happy about that!

I know we are all so thankful we have our hooking, punching, knitting, quilting, reading etc to keep us sane and busy. I have to admit – my concentration and focus are lagging somewhat! But it appears others do NOT seem to have the same problem 🙂 . So here are a few newly finished pieces to share:

Elizabeth’s colourful rugs!!!!…

Nancy’s lovely chairpad…  Amanda’s scrappy rug… Sandi sent me a picture of her puppy at work – I told her she needed to tape alllllll those pieces of toilet paper back together as she will need them!!!… Helen finished her beautiful Poinsettia table mat…

Shelagh’s True Colours (Line from Cyndi Lauper song)….and are we all starting to feel a little like this?…This was me as a baby (I was much cuter back then!).  I always remembered that Steiff red cat (well actually I always thought he was a fox!) and when we were clearing out the house to move my mom I went through hmmmm, what felt like the never ending attic that was cram packed with stuff. Unfortunately, it was a day in July and about 130 degrees Fahrenheit in the attic and I just threw most of the stuff in a dumpster – now I realize there were probably a lot of things I could have kept but! one thing I did find – yup – the red foxy cat! In amazingly good condition. This piece belonged to my mom when she was little! It now sits in my bedroom in pride of place on an old hump backed trunk. I do think that one day I may attempt to hook this piece.

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  1. shelleynewton12

    Great article  !Good to still have sense of humour during this crazy time ..:):)Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

  2. The picture of you as a confined baby and the story of your fox/cat is just what I needed to see this morning. Thanks for my morning smile. Virtual Hugs

  3. Wow, the playpen reminded me of summers outside at the cottage-one had a lid-another a fence like apparatus around a tree. Anne called yesterday at supper time-apparently someone from annual still doing a program! Guess featuring her.She seems genuinely excited about linking up with you-one daughter -Shona has moved her office to her own home, not far from Anne. I told her to connect with you, because there is a story behind every one of the rugs-her life story is incredible-she used to deliver the K-W Record daily way up in the country back up towards Walkerton with at least one of the kids in the van-stories about the kids jumping out the window at KCI( I did that too),enrolling kids in private school in Elora so they wouldn’t get expelled, living in a van with the younger ones before she could move into the farm( my son is same age as her youngest ones)! She was talking about pictures etc for her patterns-as far as I know, Staples is still open here in altered form for public service. Told her to call you, or you call her, because I have only seen RH Catalogue once, and I really don’t’ know what she got back from daughter finally. Finding isolation does not inspire creativity-I can do 10,000 steps etc, cooking, some hooking, but the abstract Sea Garden is not talking to me at all at this moment-need more form! Sun is out -temp is 2 , robins looking to build a nest on our tiny patio-have a good day.

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  4. Loretta!! Love the cat! And , yes you should hook this! I want to see a picture of the cat on the trunk! Thanks for today’s post. My creativity has waned also, I was okay, hooking coasters, yesterday I just couldn’t look at another wormy noodle!!!

  5. Awwwww – love the hooked rugs but your personal story about your “stuffie” is precious. I still have my first stuffed animal- a monkey

  6. All of these rugs are beautiful! So nice to see what other people are doing! Stay strong everyone!

  7. OH NO!… Not a “No Hugging” rule! I so look forward to my hug every time we see you! I’m shattered! (((Virtual Hug)))

  8. Each hooked piece you showed today is beautiful. Inspiring too. I have a similar picture of me in a playpin. Thanks for the beautiful story of the foxy cat. Most of my shows are canceled and glad they are as I couldn’t really do them. Being in that close contact with people who may have the virus is scary. I feel so blessed to live on a small farm with my sheep, cats and chickens they bring me comfort during this separation from family.

  9. Glad someone else is having difficulty focusing on hooking or lacemaking. All I want to do is sit in my rocking chair and read. I have done a bit of knitting. I keep wondering what is the
    matter with me.

  10. Glad you recused the cat. There has been concentration issue here too not sure why I have shut off the news and trying to keep busy. Great pieces. It will be hard not to hug sigh….

  11. No handshakes, fine. No hugs, not ok.😀 You bring us so much happiness, and brightness Loretta.

  12. That’s a great photo of you as a child. My childhood photos are all posed and squinting into the sun it seems. I’m glad you saved the cat, and said that’s what is in the photo! I kept seeing a face right above the rail (below that cat head I now see) and wondering “what the heck is that????”. I’d love to see a better photo of it.

    I’ve been wondering if flashing the peace (or victory) sign isn’t appropriate now in place of handshaking. Or maybe the Vulcan salute.

  13. Loretta that looks remarkably like abuse … caged! Ah the ’50s 🙂 I bet like me you got left in a pram in the yard in January too – for some fresh air LOL


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