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A new, and much more pleasant use for antique skin stretchers!!! I have been collecting these for a few years now and was initially rather put off by the original use (stretching the skins of muskrats) but the lovely patina on these pieces and the age and history attracted me. Finally, I put one to what I consider good use – stretching my Twin Horses punch needle piece. As you can see, this stretcher has undergone a repair and rather than hide the repair on the backside I thought it was so ingeniously done that it needed to be showcased on the front of the stretcher. Gord drilled, carefully, the tiniest of holes in the top = now how to get a strand of yarn or wire or something through those little tiny holes???? Well, my wonderful needle threader came in very handy as it went through the holes and pulled the yarn through just far enough that I did not break the needle threader (because punching life is over if you have no needle threader!!!) and could grab the doubled end of the yarn and pull it through. I attached the punched piece with my usual clear kitchen and bathroom silicone and ran a single strand of the same yarn (quite thin but nubby) all the way around to hide the edge of the weavers cloth, et voila! I am sooooo happy with the finish on this piece that I now need to finish off another piece but this time inside an antique tin grain scoop. Pictures to follow…

Dianne finished her first hooked piece in a couple of weeks and it turned out beautifully…

and Betty finished off one of her pieces from a recent Deanne Fitzpatrick class…I love how this turned out – very Canadian Shield…

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  1. Love your punch needle and Hooking. I very much enjoy those projects also!

  2. You had me worried there Loretta. I was thinking human skin stretcher. 😱 They are perfect for your punched horses. I love them. Hugs Nancy



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