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The haggis was piped in, addressed and then eaten! yummmmmmy.  I love Haggis – when we were in Scotland a prerequisite to dining in a restaurant was that they must have Cullen Skink and Haggis on the menu! Then they were worthy! and of course Sticky Toffee pudding for dessert! We celebrated Robbie Burns birthday – even though hmmm, I am of Swiss/German descent and Gord is pure Liverpudlian – and Gord got my dram of Whiskey and a few others. The music was wonderful! anddddddd to top it off I got to watch a profusion of beautiful wooden kilts swishing by me. I think had the owners had a few more drams and had I had one! some of those kilts would have made it home into my washer and dryer and cutter. Of course, when I mentioned this to the Scots sitting at my table they were shocked – apparently cutting up a kilt is sacrilege so I did not mention the 6 I have bagged on the shelf!

A few rugs to share – today is a great day to stay home once again and be creative as we are expecting 8 – 10 inches (not those crazy centimetres that I still have to convert to inches in my head) of snow…

This was last week’s snow accumulation… Susie finished the Santa for her wooden stocking stretcher – this is one of three interchangeable patterns I made for vintage stocking stretchers – Santa, a snowman and a sheep.  They are siliconed on the back and along the edges so you can cut out right up against the hooking and velcro them to the stocking stretcher and then embellish with snowflakes, stars, old scrabble letters…



Lori finished her purse and it turned out beautifully…


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  1. It’s always a happy day when a Hooked on the Lake post is sitting in my email as I have my morning coffee. Sounds like a great evening . Very scenic in your neck of the woods. Looks like it could be a lovely punched piece with all those shadows.

  2. Your winter landscape looks gorgeous Loretta



  3. Good Morning Loretta, Enclosed is a picture of 4 metal sock stretchers, I got free at a yard sale last summer, thinking I would find a use for them in my small hooking world. Was wondering if you have seen one before and have a suggestion on what to do with them. They are about 12 inches in length not counting the hook. Looking forward to beating the winter blahs come Feb 22. Hope you are getting to spend time with people who love you. Hugs, Irene

  4. LOVE the patterns for the sock stretchers! Are they hooked or punched??

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  5. Love the patterns for the sock stretchers. Can I buy a set? What is the cost for the 3?

  6. I like haggis as well. Cullen skink is also lovely. Hmmm shouldn’t cut up kilts eat? I cut up my dad’s kit and it is now a rug

  7. yes I have cut a kilt or two but I think they were mostly skirts for women not true kilts.I have a couple of sock stretchers good idea. Never had Haggis but I know what it is.

    • HI CATHY. I had one reallllly beautiful one that was a mans and I kept thinking hmmmm I might wear this or hmmmm maybe I could convince Gord to wear it! never happened and it is happily hooked into a rug! as for the sock stretchers I have some other ideas for mini hooked pieces to attach – sunflower for fall, stack of pumpkins, easter rabbit!!!!! they are fun, small and hook up quickly… and a great way to use these old stretchers….loretta


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