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are such great days for staying home and hooking or punching. Well, unless you live in Newfoundland where the snow is like nothing I have seen since I was a kid in northern Ontario. I can remember days when the snow would be over the top of the window ledge – and our windows were high! I actually am one of those strange people who loves winter! I like cold, I love clean fresh snow. I love to wake up at 3:30 in the morning and flip on the outside lights to watch the snow drifting down and the DEER standing at the foot of my stairs in 10 inches of snow staring at the house and waiting for food! Well, maybe I don’t love the 3:30 a.m. part but all the rest… But I live in the beautiful woods and I don’t necessarily have to go out so I can enjoy the snow. This weekend, however, we had an urgent call to head to Montreal and I realized hmmmmm, maybe snow in the city and blowing snow on the highways is something I don’t love! We missed most of the bad weather heading out on Friday and coming back yesterday. So today I hunker down and work on Porky again! and maybe with a few more snow days she will be done!

A few pictures of lovely finished pieces that people kindly shared:

Allyson finished her punch needle (one of the patterns by Wendy Tremblay that I carry)…

Wendy finished her Snowy…  and did a beautiful job on her Blooming Birches kit… Edie finished her Yuletide Sheep bag… Susan finished her Martina Lesar runner… Sylvie finished her Antique Rabbit and Tulips kit… Joanne finished her Jack Pine (pattern from Carol Shewan)… and Tracy recently asked for 4 different versions of House and Trees chairpad and wow they are hooked and finished and on the chairs…  

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  1. Love your newsletters!

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  2. Photos of your snow would be lovely. I love snow but living in Alabama we don’t get more than flurries.

  3. I LOVE YOUR BLOG LORETTA!! And I like snow and winter too!!

  4. Always love reading your posts, Loretta! I too grew up in the north, but in Sept Isles, Quebec. We would usually have at least one massive snow storm a winter, with people digging out cars and doors. From a child’s point of view, it was always very exciting! Endless snow fort and tunnel possibilities and at least two or three days off of school. I have a picture somewhere of my aunt standing on a drift at the top of our back door shovelling down after a storm in 1960. This is what a Canadian winter is supposed to be like. Yeah snow! Down with the ice storms !

  5. Why not modify the round chair seats to be the shape of the actual chair seat? 🤔

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