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Anne asked me how I mount my pieces so I thought I would share how I do it with everyone. I use this technique with hooked pieces as well.  Keep in mind that once you mount the pieces and they have set you can no longer remove them so make sure that 1. you want to leave it where it is forever and 2. you are not mounting it to what may be a quality, high value antique!

So, the first thing I do once my piece is finished is I press from the back only and then with my iron i press the excess weavers cloth to the back.  Now I have nice crisp edges and can then trim off the excess – I leave about 1/2 inch all the way around and cut off the dogs ears at the corners.  My weavers cloth should now not be visible from the front.
If I am attaching to a box or tray or a wonderful piece of “junk” I use clear kitchen and bathroom silicone.  This comes in a small tube with a nozzle – try to find one that has a nozzle that twists off because what I have found over the years is that the nozzle quickly becomes dried out and you lose a good portion of the tube because you can no longer squeeze it out whereas if you have a nozzle that twists off it you can use the entire tube! less wasteful!
I put a little bit (you may have to use a stick or your finger to spread it) under the excess edges of weavers cloth and push them flat to the back and then I cover the back of the piece right up to the edge of the punching and place it on the piece that I am attaching it to.  Because the silicone remains “open” for a good hour you can reposition the piece easily so that it is centered.
I use the silicone rather than white glue as glue bleeds through the punching and makes the piece stiff whereas silicone is thick and does not bleed through and remains flexible.
Now this is MY method but I am sure there are many others out there – please feel free to share your technique(s)…

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  1. Carolyn Misener

    That was very timely as I was just going to ask that. I have finished my sheep punch needle and wan to mount it to a canvas.

  2. This is the same method I use. clear silicone is the most flexible and easiest glue to use. once it dries it’s waterproof and will last for years. thanks Loretta

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  3. Good grief! You have nothing left to finish for the whole year!

  4. Michelle Garofalo

    Happy New Year!! Question have you ever made something got 90% done and realized you hate it but your too far in?? I just finished a pillow for a friend…I had some deanne Fitzpatrick pattern of the month here, she picked one and picked colours..all that is left to do is binding and back but I HATE it…lol I dont know what I hate about it but…nope…dont like it.


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