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Trudy brought her rugs to show me – these are all Karla Gerard patterns which I carry but Trudy’s interpretation is lovely – softer brighter colours than the original paintings or my dirtier versions 🙂 …

…hmmmm I think that may be my belly in there oveshadowing part of the rug – must be tooooo many pre holiday goodies 🙂 … 

and Annette sent me a picture of her finished reindeer rug – I love this piece – soooooo funky and fun… “The backstory on this rug is these are the girlfriends of Santa’s reindeer. It’s Christmas Eve and with their boyfriends away with Santa delivering gifts, they’ve gotten a little tipsy after breaking into the eggnog!”…

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  1. Bartleman. Marie-Jeanne

    Love , love the reminders……

  2. Such happy rugs ❤️

  3. Love the eggnog one! Beth

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  4. Great colours

  5. Is the reindeer one a pattern or her own?? Lovely!!

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    • Annette Cochrane

      It is by Judy Cripps in Kansas from Rustic Rugs. I modified the pattern a bit and sewed beads that look like Christmas tree lights around the border. One deer is wrapped up in the lights and one has then as a pair of earrings.

  6. Love the patterns and the colors used. I jave one of thepatterns and will save these pics for ideas.

  7. Wonderful collection!

  8. Carol Bretzloff

    Wonderful Images! Very Inspirational! Thanks for this artwork.
    Sincerely, Carol-Bretzloff Holmes

  9. Love the Reindeer!!

  10. LOL…LOVE the reindeer back story….they are my kind of gals!

  11. Alice De La Plante

    WOW! Thanks. It was great to see you last week, Loretta. I hope that you all enjoyed a delicious birthday dinner together. Take care .



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