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Just a little reminder that our guild, Rideau Valley Boots and Baskets, is holding its annual Vendor Day. This has become a popular eastern Ontario event and is held every year on the first Thursday of November (this year it is November 7 11 – 2). Details are below – open to all. Come for a coffee or tea and treat and bring your wallets. If you would like to hook with us there will be a small area in the entrance hall dedicated to hooking:

Burritts Rapids Community Hall
23 Grenville Street
Burritts Rapids, Ontario

Vendor Day with:
Hooked On The Lake – Loretta Moore
Willow Creek – Carol Shewan
Oxford Punch Hooks – Dawna Matthew
Dreams & Creations Fraser Dealer – Maureen Robertson
Jacques and Isabelle
and more Surprise Vendors

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  1. Hi Loretta – What time does the vendor day start?…and end?


  2. I would love more information about the funky fish bones!

    Thank you!


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