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There was soooooo much creativity going on this weekend. Some of the girls had just returned from a workshop with Deanne Fitzpatrick and were working on ENORMOUS landscape rugs, some brought their finished tessellations (our challenge for this year) along for show and tell – just a wonderful mix of fun pieces being hooked. Some I cannot show as they are part of a challenge for next spring and sadly some I missed because people had to leave early but here is a good sampling of what was going on…

Diane finished her Karla Gerard adaptation that will be attached to an antique door she has…

I almost finished water in Copenhagen… Sherri was working on her Lisa Ferguson Fox and Crow… Louise was working on a lonngggggg scrappy runner… Donna’s piece from her DF workshop… Sheila’s piece from her DF workshop… Karen’s piece from her DF workshop… Susan was working on a huge DF pattern… Edie brought her Martina Lesar piece for show and tell… Susan’s tessellation (somehow her pieces always look 100 years old!)… Sheila’s lovely rug for her grandson… Diane’s tessellation… Edie framed Mom… Donna’s gorgeous tessellation… and her stash for her landscape… my tessellation… Andrea’s tessellation and moose (I think the moose is a Martinal Lesar pattern)…Sandi’s Christmas stocking…
Sandi’s Koi tessellation mounted on a wooden fish… hmmmm, Louise did not do a tessellation because her current rug is so big but she did bring her sisters 🙂 … Grace’s chickens (mounted in a glass tray)… and her snow crow… Chris’ Christmas runner… and her tessellation… Andrea’s rug hooked in Briggs and Little yarn…And a few rugs by others who were not at Iawah but kindly sent me pictures of their finished pieces…

Michelle finished her Canola Goose…

Anne’s Eagle(pattern from Two Old Crows)…

and her Rebekah Smith wool applique (I do still have one of these patterns left)…

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  1. Great works!

  2. Oh my! I love the Christmas runner! Whose pattern is that?

  3. Karen Massingham

    What a wonderful display of beautiful work!! I must decide what is next!!!

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  4. What an inspirational group!

  5. Hi Loretta: Is the Christmas Runner a pattern that you offer for sale?



  6. Beautiful Loretta. Do you have the pattern for Chris’ Christmas runner.




  7. Laura Mackellar

    They are all so amazing I’m sorry I missed seeing everyone

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  8. What exactly is a tessellation? What are the challenges of hooking one? I loved the tessellation rugs shown.

  9. Lots of wonderful inspiration and eye candy for sure!

  10. barry Carmichael

    Edie: Your Mom is so beautiful all framed up….pat


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