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Just home from a wonderful weekend hooking, chatting, laughing and being inspired at hooker camp! Oh, and probably eating way too much food (no weigh in tomorrow!!!). I cleaned the lens on my iPad and holy cow what a difference in the quality of the pictures – no more fuzziness! Who knew you had to actually clean the lens 🙂 . So tomorrow I will tidy up the pictures (crop out my feet) and share some of the amazing pieces being worked on and finished. But for now I have a few lovely new Lisa Ferguson patterns I will be adding to the online store this week. These will be available as rughooking and miniature punch needle patterns – just in time for Christmas! And for those of you who live in the area (Kingston Ontario) Lisa will be part of an exhibition at the Tett Centre – an opportunity to see some of her work in person!…

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  1. Love the patterns❤️

  2. my goodness Lisa Ferguson’s patterns are gorgeous.

  3. How is a guy ever going to get caught up with all these lovely new pieces coming out? They are gorgeous! (and the to-do list just got longer … again!


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