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and on the ground… That darned black squirrel has cut even more branches off our oak tree – the ground is littered with branches small and large and chomped upon acorns! Which means clean up has become a chore. Unlike the beaver who years ago decided to chomp down all our saplings the squirrels do not clean up. Beaver chopped down and then cleaned up! Squirrel chops down and just leaves the mess for ME to clean up 😦 . Soon however, there will be no acorns left. In fact, yesterday Gord filled up a container with acorns at the golf course and brought them back hoping the squirrel would stop!!!! chopping down the tree – don’t think it worked Gord! There were more downed branches this morning!

I do love fall – love the cold nights and cool days and sunny skies (well some days they are sunny). Makes me want to pull out a really big rug to hook – and so today I start Copenhagen for a friend in the states. This is a relatively large but whimsical pattern by Sharon Smith – I love her patterns – and will be such fun to hook. 

I have already dyed the water and some of the houses and plan to use up little bits and pieces and leftover worms in the sky.

And now a few finished pieces for show and tell…

Wendy finished hooking her granddaughter – the hair is AMAZING!…

and Denise finished Old Dog and Cat (one of the Briarwood Folkart patterns I carry)… I love love love scrappy rugs…

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  1. Oh my goodness. Copenhagen looks like a fun piece to work on. Love the bicycles in the sky.
    So enjoy your posts and seeing what everyone is working on.


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