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WELLLLLLL, I had a major shock yesterday morning when I opened my emails to find a lovely confirmation of our room reservations for TWIST – but for the WRONG WEEK! Oh my god – what did we do! how did we mess that up! and what will we do because hmmmm, there are not a ton of rooms available near the show. So 5:30 in the morning I banged open the bedroom door – GORD GET UP! YOU NEED TO CANCEL THIS BOOKING AND FIND US A PLACE TO STAY! and not an hour away! It did get sorted after many cups of coffee but the room is a lot more expensive than the first room and 20 minutes away! Darn! That opened my eyes to the fact that I NEED TO CHECK all this stuff to make sure we have the right dates booked and on our calendar. So the next 2 day were spent checking hotel reservations and dates for shows! All is well but… it was a rude awakening (even more so for Gord who does NOT get up at 5:30).

All that to say that TWIST is coming up on August 16 – 18. A wonderful show that is so popular that it draws people from far and wide and in huge numbers – so much so that the show was extended last year to include Friday afternoon. That made a world of difference in numbers coming through the rest of the weekend – things got spread out wonderfully so that there was tons of room for everyone to get around to all the amazing vendors. For further information see the flyer below and check out the website. You don’t want to miss TWIST!

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  1. Is it a function of getting older, or is it just that our world is moving so quickly these days! Beth

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  2. You are SO lucky Gord is so easy going! I would have been left to sort it out myself . He’s a special fella!!!!! Loretta, I have given up on my punch needle. If you know anyone who who like to do it, I would be happy to give it to them. I will include a picture, plus I have the kit with all the threads & the punch needle. I also bought the Morgan frame, but I think I will keep it. Can’t figure out how to include the picture from my phone. Will send it separately. Nancy

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  3. Wendy Beverley

    The poster doesn’t say WHERE it is held, as I’m a newbie I will need more info pls.
    Clicking on it doesn’t lead me to their website.

  4. Hi Loretta. I love your email posts. As a small suggestion I wondered if you could give us a city and province/state of the festival that your attending. You travel so much I am sure it is second nature to know all your shows ( although booking hotels sounds like a challenge hahahahah) but some of your followers may not be as up to date. Thanks and travel safely and best of health and happiness to you. I am still loving the right chair cushions you made for me. Tracy

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  5. Hi Loretta, i sent a separate email this am with an order for two of your kits, then i went back to find it to resend with my phone number on it and i couln’t find it in my sent pile. Let me know if you by chance get the email this am, otherwise i will recompose and resend it tracy


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