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Ahhhhhh glorious weather. On Thursday at 4 pm it turned black outside and thunder started rumbling but there was only a little spit of rain. In desperation, because my gardens were dry as a bone, I started my rain dance on the front porch. AND IT WORKED šŸ™‚ as minutes later the rain came crashing down and lasted a long time. None of that 5 minute stuff! The smell of wet earth and the sound of happy gardens sucking up the moisture was incredible! So yes – I looked rather idiotic jumping up and down on my porch, but the rain did not pass us by! And the humidity left for a few days. It is glorious again today and once Captain Hi-liner gets back from water testing we are off on the boat to swim, have lunch/dinner, read and either hook, punch or stitch (well that would be me not Gord šŸ™‚ ). So one of these days I may actually have a finished project to share!

In the meantime, here are some pieces completed by others for you to enjoy:

Louise finished her version of my Fish Tych in lovely yarns:Wendy finished her Karla Gerard and a lovely geometric:
Lynne’s amazing fish!…

Betty finished her American Country Rugs pattern with a braided edge…

Toni finished her lovely stained glass rug…



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  1. Must have been some pretty fancy footwork Loretta !

    I finished the hooking on my fish. You mentioned some plastic mesh…I am imagining a layer of hooking, a layer of mesh, some fleece filling and then the backing. Is that about close.? Was not sure what the plastic mesh was for except to keep the fish front from looking lumpy.

    Wishing you well. Irene

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  2. That sounds like a lovely day. wonderful rugs lots of great color.

  3. Such incentive, keep those pic’s coming!

  4. Nancy McFarland

    Fabulous rugs


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