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As a former quilter I did a lot of appliqué. I love hand stitching so all my appliqué was done by hand – cutting out, turning under the edges and then appliquéing with fine, invisible stitches. Years ago I discovered a wonderful magazine called Folk Crafts. Each issue was devoted to approximately 5 different types of traditional folk art – rughooking, punch needle, feather trees, tinwork, carving etc. The article would cover the process in detail and the artist would always include a pattern. I fell in love with the history and process of wool appliqué/penny rugs when it was featured in one of the articles. It had warmth, texture and seemed to work up so easily – no turning under and yeah, stitches that were supposed to be seen!

Recently, I decided it would be fun to add something new to the studio so a few months ago I started carrying some wool appliqué patterns by Rebekah Smith. (#rebekahlsmith) – her work is so lovely and has that same warmth and aged look that I love. A few new patterns will be available come April 19! I will be carrying some of these as kits (wool and pattern). In September, I will be teaching her wool appliqué mittens as one of my workshops at Fibrefest in Almonte.

Here are the new Rebekah Smith patterns being launched:

and the mitten workshop I will be teaching…

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  1. Nancy McFarland

    They are lovely. A mitten workshop would be fun. Too early to sign up? I know I will be around this year. Hugs Nancy


  2. Francine Caves

    I love it!!! Can’t wait to see your patterns.
    Do you have wool available in small pieces.
    You have to move to Richmond!

    Sent from my iPad

  3. Rebekah’s work is amazing. She lives an hour or so from me so have taken several classes from her. She is just sweet as can be ❤️

  4. Love these patterns. ❤️ And the project is portable when you don’t have room in your suitcase. I’m in.

  5. Oh! So charming! Bring them on…..

  6. They are lovely! Beth

    Sent from my iPad


  7. such wonderful pieces I do not do stitching nearly enough.


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