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from 3 lovely days in Vermont – and no, not skiing! If I fell I would surely break something so nope, not doing that anymore!

We usually go at this time of year because our favourite hotel, Green Mountain Suites, has a winter special. Plus, it is one of the few times I can get away for a few days. We hit all our favourite antique stores and usually the Shelburne Museum. Although not all the buildings are open at this time of year, there is usually an exhibition in the Pizzigalli Centre, that we go to see. This year it was Johnny Swing, a Vermont artist, and Harold Weston.  I was able to take some photos with permission to share, however, please do not post these to Pinterest or Instagram.

Johnny’s work is so funky.

If you zoom in you can see that these sculptures are made out of quarters, half dollars and nickels welded together. Each takes about a year to create!…

Yes, you were allowed to sit on the sculptures and yes, they were very comfortable…  the carpet was yikes, dollar bills.  With our really low Canadian dollar I wanted to roll this up and take it with me!… 

Harold Weston’s work took my breath away. The colours, the brush strokes – I could imagine these becoming inspiration for ultra wide cut hooked rugs…

So, if you are in the area, visit the Museum in Shelburne Vermont just south of Burlington. The Harold Weston exhibit runs to August of this year and is so well worth the visit. I am not sure how long the Johnny Swing exhibit runs – again a great exhibit to see, touch and sit on!

Oh, and did I get some good junk – you betcha! Although, again because our dollar is so low at almost 40% exchange! (not good for Canadians buying in the U.S but reallllly good if you are American and buying from Canada!) I had to compute on each item to see if it really fit my budget and YES I found a few. Some amazing old Eastman Kodak photographic glass frames that I will up cycle and use for punch needle frames. And a lovely old (ugh) skin stretcher!

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  1. Michelle Garofalo

    What the heck is a skin stretcher?!?! If you ever find a skin shrinker please let me know!

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  2. You are right, the paintings would be great Hooking! Beth

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  3. Wow! Wish I had known about that Museum when we were up there a couple of summers ago! We even spent some nights in Burlington!😓

  4. A skin stretcher!!! Lol… I have a few wrinkles I could stretch away !
    Sounds like a wonderful break
    I am in St Jacobs about to do some of my own “junkin “ !
    Found a huuuge wooden oval Hooking frame for $3 yesterday at a thrift store
    See you soon
    Oh and I met some wonderful ladies atKitchener/Waterloo Rug Hooking Guild yesterday, so welcoming and helpful… lots of cool ideas shared

  5. Those Weston paintings are a bit Group of Sevenish.Interesting work.

  6. Harold Weston’s paintings are amazing and yes I could see them looking fantastic in Hooked art. I have never heard of him and I thank you Very much for sharing. Anita

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