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I know this had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH Rughooking but a few years ago I posted about a beautiful kitten we found in our woods and she was adopted by Pat – an amazing lovely rughooker who gave her a wonderful home.

Our local PAWS association – which feeds, captures and neuters feral cats – has an approximately 8 month old little beauty up for adoption. She has been inoculated and neutered and is ready to move to a new home. If anyone out there would like to give this little girl a place in their heart and home please let me know. I have 3!!! cats already. They are old and grumpy and probably would not adapt well to a new addition.They already  feel  shortchanged  because  of  all  the  attention  the  outside  critters  are  getting!!!!  So  if  you  are  close  and  need  someone  to  curl  up  beside  you  and  keep  you  warm give  me  a  shout.  Oh I do mean the kitten 🙂 .

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  1. Nancy McFarland

    Like you I have three. I am at my limit😻Thanks for caring for kitties. Hope you find her a home. Hugs Nancy


  2. I hope she finds a good home!

  3. Bless you for doing this. Keep us updated.


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