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Welllll busy but fun week! Helen came to visit and we spent the week hooking and punching and a little junking!  Oh my – do I really need more junk – hmmmmmm – yup!  It is my addiction – don’t drink, don’t smoke and although it is now legal don’t do grass – well I do grow a little cat grass 🙂 . So my $ (not $$$) go towards wonderful old pieces that I can repurpose.

I did finish off a rug for my friend Elizabeth who can no longer hook while Helen finished 2 punch needles and started a new one that she designed to fit into the bowl of a huge antique ladle.

Elizabeth’s rug finished…

Although this is not Helen’s (it belongs to my friend Diane) this is what Helen will do with the piece she is working on for her ladle…

And a few new finished pieces by Tara – I lovvvvvee the moose rug…


And last but not least, I will be listing this beautiful loon pattern for both miniature punch needle and rughooking this week:

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  1. Love the loon.💕 that will go on my “ want\need list. I’m always happy to see your blog post appear in my email. Lots of inspiration and eye candy. Thank you.

  2. Francine Caves


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    Hi Loretta

    Will you be at the London annual ? Love the loon pattern. Suzanne Chaddock

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  4. Marlene Leonardo

    Hello! I alwayrs love seeing all the creative rugs! Who is the designer of the blue flowered pillow?
    Thank you 😊


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