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No, not with painting and decluttering (although hmmmm the back porch is filling up rapidly with stuff to go to the thrift store) but rather dyeing and drawing patterns and wow even some hooking and wool appliqué in there.

Although I have no pix of my own work to share at the moment I do have some by others.  First a new beautiful Lisa Ferguson pattern that I will shortly be listing on my online store…

Morning Geese…

Michelle framed this lovely miniature punch needle – one of the Karla Gerard patterns I carry for punching or hooking… Deanna made Fraktur(one of my patterns) into a bolster pillow… and hooked this lovely pattern from Deanne Fitzpatrick… She also hooked Neighbours (one of my Karla Gerard patterns)… and her first rughooking kit from a few months ago – do we think she is hooked !…

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    Greetings, I love following your blog. It always gives me lots of inspiration. I’m having some trouble finishing this rug of my dog. I need one color for under his feet in another color to frame it. Have any suggestions? Thank you Sally

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  2. Lorraine Pammett

    Greetings busy girl, I hope you and Gord are both well. While I was away last week and the July hook in was posted and filled in record time (!) Barb called worried we missed out.. Can you confirm if we are on the list please? For some reason I thought we did it ages ago. Thanks Loretta. Fingers crossed foor good driving on the 23rd. Lorraine

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  3. Do you have you ‘punch’ patterns listed separately on your site? Didn’t see them. I am taking the punch course at the w/e Trent course in June. Not sure if they’ll provide the patterns or I bring my own??? Do you sell the punch needles, etc? And I have some monks cloth. Do you know if that is suitable for backing for punch needle? Loved the pattern you showed on your site today, but guess I need to start with something simple. Nancy

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