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Well, word has gotten out – see the Moore’s if you are hungry – well, animals anyway! Mornings we are greeted by deer standing and the bottom of the stairs staring at the house patiently waiting for corn; once the deer have had their fill (or often before they finish), our flock of wild turkeys arrive to clean up what the deer have left behind. Squirrels to clean up what the birds have knocked out of the feeders. Coons at night to chow down on anything that the rest might have left (or what I might have put out for them) and last night around 9 p.m. FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER we had new tiny visitors. Two adorable flying squirrels – half the size of our little red squirrel with bigggggg eyes scooping up and eating the seeds that the coons did not get. They were tiny and territorial! When one climbed up the tree into the feeder the other would “fly” to the tree beside it. Not the usual jumping that regular squirrels do but gliding. We have never seen these little critters before – probably because we just don’t look out late at night. But I hope they come back.


And now for a few pictures from Lorraine of recently finished projects…

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  1. all those ‘animal friends’ sound wonderful! You are so lucky!. Here in Town we only see squirrels & occasional birds. nancy

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  2. Love your feeding station!! The word is out!!

  3. I love the stories about all your critters Lorna. You are very blessed. Cheers,

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  4. Nancy McFarland

    How sweet is that. You can never ever leave. 😍


  5. Just lovely pictures and stories…..thank you for sharing !!! Margaret

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  6. Alice De La Plante

    How exciting for you, Loretta:

    Wonderful to learn about those flying squirrels. Back in the -70’s & ‘80’s there were quite a few at my sister’s cottage in Kinmount ON, top of the Kwarthas, bottom of Haliburton. They came every night & were so amazing to watch. That was the first time we’d seen them. But it’s been many moons since they’ve last appeared there. We’ve been feeling concerned, so you news is very heartening. Thank-you. The joys of living in the country by water. ENJOY!


  7. We use to have a flying squirrel that came to our feeder at night.
    very cute with those big eyes.


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