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Seems winter has struck with a vengeance – not a lot of snow (unlike so many others who are suffering under an onslaught of the whitery!) but wow, frigid! Came home from a lovely short trip to visit family and friends in Quebec to find hmmm, the squirrel proof (yeah right!) feeder had been knocked down so our neighbour kindly put it on the shelving unit right outside our front door and as we were unpacking the car all of a sudden up pops a raccoon! I think she must have been feeding on the leftover bird seed on the shelf behind! the feeder! yikes she almost came in the house with us.  Deer ran down the hill the moment we pulled up in front of the house so out came the coon food and deer food. And cats were clawing at the door with starvation written all over their faces! 🙂 so it was a rush to unpack and feed all the critters.

While I was away I received a few pictures to share:

Chris sent me this fabulous collection of self portraits done by the ladies from Beaconsfield…

Diane finished hooking the first snow shoe rug – check out the amazing mini snowshoes she made – love them and so perfect once this piece is attached to the BIG snowshoes…  Michelle finished her DF rug which she interpreted as a winter versus summer scene… and also finished off my Primitive Posies beginners kit.  Now we will have to play with these pieces to finish them off… 

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  1. You are so so cute!😘🤪😂

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  2. The faces are marvelous-could be a project for our group in Penetanguishene!

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  3. You were missed. They are thinking “ Finally they are home!”

  4. Its bitter here in the Bershire hills, the wind is rushing down the mountain through the barn. The sheep with their wooly coats on don;t seem to mind. I love all the rugs you have shown today especially the snow shoe one.. Glad you are home. My cats act the same way when I am gone for even a few short hours. Cheers


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