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Happy New Year to all. May your 2019 be filled with joy, peace and good health.

Our Cabin Fever Hookin is full – we do have a waiting list so if you missed booking a spot you are still welcome to email to be on the waiting list. If weather is an issue I will post a cancellation but keep fingers crossed that all goes well. I think everyone needs a break in winter and we hope to have a fun, fun day for you.

Ruby’s rug is advancing well – well until Diane went home. We would spend most of the day in the studio hooking. Now I am vacuuming up all the snippets that missed the bowl – mostly mine as I like to just throw on the floor and then vacuum when I am done for the day. Looks like lovely confetti! and the cats love to bat it around the room. Diane almost finished hooking a piece to insert in the centre of her beautiful showshoes and I worked on grass, road, and fence posts. Gosh this is a bigggggg rug! and darn I have done all the easy stuff (well relatively) and now hmmmmmm, the horse and cart – ugh! I wonder if he might have driven away by the time I get to that spot 🙂 .

And a few pictures of rugs to share from others…

Michelle did this wonderful punch needle based on a vintage (check the price!) stamp and mounted on an excess door (she and her husband own a kitchen cabinet design and manufacturing company and she uses her cast off doors and drawer fronts as  frames for hooking and punch needle!)… and her small Deanne Fitzpatrick mat…and another punch needle!!!!  and snowman (okay she needs to work more haha)… Tara’s two lovely pieces she completed after taking the online Deanne Fitzpatrick workshop…

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  1. These pieces are beautiful. Your pictorial is inspiring to be sure. I wish I had not procrastinated so long for the hook in. But glad to hear that you have a full house.

  2. Hi Loretta,

    Ruby’s rug is coming along beautifully. She must be looking down at you with Thanks and Awe. This was such a special rug for her. Her niece was her for new years and we were looking at a little sheep xmas ornament that she gave me and we commented on how there are bits of her all over the community in all the crafts, teaching and sharing that she did over the years.

    Have a Healthy and Happy New Year

    Terry S.

  3. I really enjoy your posts and seeing the projects people are working on or have finished. Lots of interesting variety. Thanks!

  4. Ruby’s rug is looking amazing! Thanks for sharing its progression.

    I enjoy your emails. They alway make me chuckle, which is a good thing!

    Happy New Year, Denise Allan


  5. Thank you for sharing all those lovely hooked pieces. Where are you located?


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