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Ahhhhhh I got my junkin fix yesterday. Diane is here with hubby for a few days and of COURSE we had to go ajunkin’ and wow what a haul Diane got. Right now we are in the process of designing 2 smaller rugs for her vintage snowshoes! She also got vintage frames, a carrier, a mini ironing board, vintage marbles for her grandkids (not the 225.00 one we saw at the antique store but the bag for 7.00 ones we got at the junk store!). What did I get – a 5.00 butter paddle 🙂 but I got my hunting fix! And today hooking and hmmm turkey soup and tomorrow hooking and hmmm whatever is leftover that we don’t have to cook!

So I have some stunning rugs to share…

Penny finished these two stockings – one is an adaptation of Karla Gerard’s Crescent Moon pattern and the other is an adaptation of Shelly Atkinson’s Winter Skate pattern…

Jill’s stunning version of Lisa Ferguson’s Snowy Owl…

Louise punched this pattern from Olde Tattered Flag…

and hooked this table mat…

and made this lovely piece for her granddaughter…

and I am finally making progress on my rug for Ruby’s family…

this is what was done when I got it…

and this is where it is now…

I realize that it is not easy to pick up someone else’s rug and continue it – Ruby and I hooked similarly but still there are differences but as I hook I imagine her looking over my shoulder and saying yes, Loretta, that is what I would have done 🙂 .

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  1. Your sky is gorgeous!

  2. what a fun post I love junking! How wonderful you are finishing that beautiful rug for the family
    Happy New year!

  3. Ruby’s family are going to be so happy to have that, bravo Loretta, what a special thing to do.

  4. Hi Loretta Just was reading your letter and admiring all the rugs.You have done a beautiful job on Ruby’s.Your exactly right that is what she would of said.It is beautiful.Hope you and Gord are well.Janice Munro

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  5. Janet Whittingham


    Those are stunning!! I love the “Father Christmas”. It is punchneedle? Is it for sake as a kit?
    Sorry I did not get back to you on the pumpkins! Everything was going well and I was Wool appliqing alone, then Nov 1 came around and just like that. I felt I had no time for Christmas!! I have one appliqué piece to finish then I’m onto my beautiful Sheep Kit!
    Hoping you and Gord have the Healthiest and happy 2019!


  6. Beautiful! Is Louise the ONE person or is she four people? Prolific!….and always breath-taking. Ruby’s rug is outstanding,Loretta!


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