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Mac is not in the shop yet – he has the recurring black screen of death but then functions for a while if I treat him reaaaaaallly well and don’t ask tooooooo much of him (haha) so until Sunday when he heads to the Mac-hospital  I am hoping to get some work done 🙂 .

My friend Diane has a few punch needle pieces – well lets say she has a LOT of pieces! and she has decided she needs to divest herself of a few in order to make room for MORE! Here is one that is for sale – the frame is a beautiful piece made out of up cycled illllld trim and the punch needle is mounted to wool and then framed. This piece is available for a mere $100.00 (and since she bought the frame from me I know how much just the frame was and that this is an amazing price). So give her a shout at if you need to add this piece to your home.

and now some pieces to share…

Chris finished her funky cat foot stool…

Nancy’s lovely tea cosies heading to new homes on Christmas Day… another piece finished by Diane (attached to one of Vince’s fabulous sheep paddles)..

Susan finished this fun fun piece as a gift… (please adopt me Susan!)…

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  1. Patricia Sharrer

    Love both of the cat pieces and the first punched sheep. Thought you might enjoy them too.



  2. Oh thank you Loretta. You’re very sweet to post this and I do hope your Mac keeps going for you.

    Sent from Mail for Windows 10


  3. I’m sad that I can’t read your blog anymore. There are so many pop up ads that it’s hard to find your text 😞


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