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We have had visitors – many visitors! – thank goodness not the ones that chew on the porch either – they have been visiting a friend and eating her porch instead! And so a few little treats must be dispensed many times every day –  peanut butter for the little red squirrel (smooth cause the crunchy is for me!), seeds for the birds who then toss them on the floor for the squirrels, grain and carrots and hmmm a few mandarins for the deer and oh my – anything that is edible for the raccoons – stale cookies and crackers, deer food, sunflower seeds, cat kibble – these critters will eat ANYTHING and I figure if I keep them fat and happy they will not destroy my house! So 5 little babies are now 5 chunky teenagers!..

A few rugs to share… 

Susan’s lovely rug from her fine shading class with Sue Perry…

Sherri finished her sweet stockings in time! yeahhhh. These were custom designed by Shelly Atkinson for Sherri’s granddaughters who are skiers…  A bit of decorating finished, my favourite Christmas CD’s loaded…and now cookies to be baked…(and hidden from Gord who would eat them all before the holidays!) and yes, I know those of you who know me think I do not cook which is true but occasionally I do bake! The shortbread is cooling on the porch and the ginger cookie dough is resting in the fridge!…

My little feather tree decorated with tiny ornies…

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  1. margaretlwilliams

    What a truly lovely post.  Thank you for sharing! Margaret Williams 

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  2. Have a Merry Christmas!!

  3. Thanks for the pics-know we have these plus turkeys around too-will be home for winter this year-enjoy your posts. Merry Christmas and good health. Beth

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  4. The furry tail rodents (squirrels) have been taking down my porch mouth full by mouth full.

  5. Merry Christmas, Loretta and Gord..

  6. Brian Hetherington



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