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My last event of the year will be this coming Tuesday in Williamstown – International Rughooking Day hosted by the Wild and Woolly Rughookers from Martintown and the Beaconsfield Hooking Guild. Last year’s event was such fun. Here’s hoping we have a sunny day and dry roads for travelling. Today is NOT a day I would want to be on the road – freezing rain, snow. So a good day to start decorating for the holidays – wonky Charlie Brown tree is going up as are some of my favourite decorations.

In the meantime, I am starting to hook a primitive Santa that will then be attached to one of the many wooden stocking stretchers I bought at an antique store hmmmm a year or maybe!!!! two ago. He will have to be tall and skinny to fit on the stocking stretcher – maybe he is suffering from my cooking or lack thereof! As part of the cleaning, reorganizing and decluttering I have decided I need to DO SOMETHING WITH ALL THE WONDERFUL ANTIQUES AND JUNK PIECES I HAVE COLLECTED – or rather, that is what Gord says! I am happy to just gaze at them fondly as I dust them off but Gord says – no more junkin’ till the junk is gone!… So I used up one of my beautiful old victorian picture frames and now only have 2 left to fill; I have a beautiful old grungy painted yellow and red box that will hold a punch needle piece, I stacked some of my footstools in the now redecorated basement plus my antique grain sifter! So maybe by the time Diane comes for a visit in a few weeks there will be space for new junk 🙂 . Ahhhh the heart has just started pitter-pattering in anticipation!!!!!!!

A few pictures to share of work done by others:

Len’s beautiful rug of Emma… and his version of a Tom Thompson (done in a class with Carol Shewan)… My friend, Odette, knit these gloves – look closely – at first I saw just black and white and then tree branches and THEN all of a sudden the birds! and they are reversible! These are way tooo beautiful to wear!…

Louise hooked this lovely tea cosy for a customer in Alberta using Briggs and Little yarn…and Jane has been working hard on Christmas gifts including these fun crocheted trees…

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  1. All the pieces are terrific….see you on Tuesday, Loretta, looking forward to the day.

  2. Emma is especially beautiful!! And the mittens are not too beautiful to wear!!! They have to be shared and shown off!!! Have fun decorating and I will show you a few pix of our Charlie Brown wonky tree!! It was so wonky for a couple f years we finally had to repair it somit wouldn’t fall over! Happy and merry Chrustmas to you and Gord!!

  3. I am always happy to see a Hooked on the Lake blog post. I enjoy your ongoing escapades and seeing all the lovely work you share. ❤️

  4. Looking forward to seeing you this Tuesday!

  5. I am doing tea cozy’s for my daughter’s & daughter-in-laws for Christmas & just adding a wool fabric back, but not sure how to ‘attach’ them. Any suggestions? This one looks like it is whipped. Is the back just ‘hand sewn on? Not lined? Your suggestions for an ‘easy completion’ would help, as I have 5 to do!!!! Nuts, eh??? Nancy

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  6. Hi Loretta,

    Good luck clearing out the ” junk” !

    I showed my rug at the Almonte group as well as RVBB before finally giving my rug to Nana.

    As you might recall it was supposed to cover a stain the carpet cleaner left on her bedroom carpet ….well she loves it so much she is refusing to put it on the floor!

    Here’s a photo for sharing, if you want.

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  7. Finally finished another of your rug patterns Loretta. Pleased with the final outcome. Putting it on the wall today.

  8. Here us the picture

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  9. Looking forward to Tuesday. Will see you there. Love to here some good tips on decluttering all those treasures. Hugs Nancy

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