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We finally decided to repaint our TV room – of course that involves moving furniture, cleaning, decluttering etc. But I love the process and the end result. Guess I am one of those weird people who actually like to paint and Gord and I have it down to a fine art. Of course, I am the queen of tape. Must run in the family. My dad had fibreglass tape which he used to stick everything together so that it was virtually impossible to open things – including the boxes of delicious Christmas cookies we would make each year; my sister Di would use duct tape to glue together socks, holes in the bottoms of her pj’s, pillow cases. Invariably when she was living with us I would find bits and pieces of various tapes in the dryer. And me – well I tape EVERYTHING when I paint so that when I rip off the tape it is perfect, clean with nice straight lines 🙂 . So, at 5:30 this morning the painters tape came out and now there is green tape on the floor, on baseboards, around plugs etc. May take us a few weeks as we usually do one wall at a time and then put back furniture so that things are not quite so disorganized. Ahhhhhh, it will be clean once again. Some pieces of huge heavy furniture have not been moved in a few years – yikes. What might be living or growing back there?????

So in the meantime not much hooking or punching is going on. Although last week I took a box making class in Ottawa taught by Helen Gordon. Initially I think most of us found it a tad stressful – having to do all the math so that things fit together perfectly was not something any of us expected. But when ALL OF A SUDDEN THE LIGHT WENT ON we all got our pieces measured, cut and yikes, laced together. Now lacing sounds easy buttttttt when your lacing thread BREAKS on the 5th tightening – it is not a good thing! But by the end of the day all of us were having fun and excited to go home, do our homework and return next week to put it all together. I cannot wait to see the finished pieces – some were going to frame punch needle on the tops of their boxes, hooking, proddy, lacework, quilting – it will be such fun. I will try to take pictures of the various pieces for show and tell.

In the meantime, a few projects to share done by others who, hmmm, are not painting!…

Anne sent me pictures of her pieces…

Designer – Designs in Wool…
Designer – Warren Kimble… Designer – Red Barn Rugs…


and Jane sent me a picture of her completed punch needle … 

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  1. Hi Loretta,

    So glad the workshop came together – we found the same thing. The precision required isn’t something many hookers are used to! But as you say, when the light went on, things seemed to settle down well. Our last class is not until Nov 24 but I can take pics and send to you to post if you like. Like you, I’m loving the diversity of the motifs as well as the fabrics. So much fun!!

    Looking forward to seeing you Dec 4 if not sooner. 🙂

    With a hug,



  2. Can’t wait to see the final results of your box! Len

  3. Lor, you are too funny! Come to our house, still have builder paint on all our walls, two years later! We did have all woodwork, doors, etc painted right after we moved in tho.
    Lazy old people!

  4. nice pieces. That is why I do not quilt math and everything has to be exact

  5. john.mcfarland john.mcfarland

    You must be just about finished.  It will be lovely.  Enjoy the snow.  My kitty cats are not impressed. Finished my dancing bunnies except for whipping .  Quite pleased .  will send pic..  Off to work this morning in Brockville. Should be an adventure.   have a great weekend.  We are off to a family gathering in Toronto tomorrow.  Santa Clause parade tonight in Prescott xo Nancy


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